Dry mouth in spring can cure yin deficiency

Dry mouth in spring can cure yin deficiency

Spring weather is dry, many people often feel dry mouth.

Sometimes dry mouth can recover after drinking water; sometimes, even if you drink water, you can’t relieve the symptoms of dry mouth. Why?

  In fact, it is well understood from the theory of Chinese medicine that the phenomenon of “dry mouth” is called “yin deficiency” in Chinese medicine.

In the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, the human body is divided into two parts, yin and yang: yin represents the blood, saliva, tears, semen and other liquids in the body.

When dry mouth can be relieved by drinking water, it is proved that the yin deficiency in the body is caused by excess yang.

Therefore, the yin and yang in the human body are balanced after the water that belongs to yin is added, and the symptoms of dry mouth are also relieved.

When the dry mouth is unable to recover after rehydration, it means that the yin fluid in the body is seriously deficient.

  To treat dry mouth fundamentally, drinking water alone is not enough.

There are many ways to nourish yin.

If the symptoms of yin deficiency are not obvious, you can start with diet therapy and eat more of the following foods: 1.

Duck meat: Usually can be used to cook soup or braised as a dish.

Duck meat is cold, spleen and stomach are yin deficiency, often diarrhea are not used.


Sugarcane: Usually can be eaten raw, or squeezed into sugarcane juice daily.

Sugarcane is cold and cold, and those with deficient spleen and stomach and those with dampness inside should not use it.

Because of its high sugar content, diabetics are contraindicated.


Black sesame: usually can be porridge or ground into black sesame powder.

Black sesame smooth intestines, do not take those who have weak spleen.


Lily: Usually steamed or porridge.

Lily has coldness, coldness in the abdomen caused by spleen and stomach deficiency, and cough caused by diarrhea and exogenous cold.