Feng Xiaowei nodded and said:“Don’t worry about this,Mayor Qin already called me last night,I will cooperate with your work well。It’s just that the job is not good,Secretary Wang was taken away for investigation,He is the leader of the party and government,The whole Donglin Township was messed up when he left“

“Nothing,Tell me first,Who else can use,You find one over“Xia Jian is straight to the point,Directly to Feng Xiaowei。
Feng Xiaowei nodded,Grabbed the phone on the desk,One call,Just listen to her:“Come to my office quickly!Chief Xia is here“
Not long after the phone was hung up,The door gently pushed open,A young guy of 27 or 18 years old came in。This guy looks very energetic,But they are very plain。A white blouse,In black pants。These two clothes look very old,I should have washed it many times。
Xia Jian has a habit of observing people,He lost his mind when he saw it。Feng Xiaowei quickly introduced with a smile:“This is the new mayor Xia。He is Liu Zimin, the propaganda officer in our village,Undergraduate college graduation,Was assigned to Donglin Township,It can be said to be useless“
“All right,From today,You will be my secretary,Propaganda Officer Leave this job temporarily“Xia Jian said without thinking,He believes Feng Xiaowei very much。
Liu Zimin,Said happily:“Thank you, Chief Xia!I must follow you well“
“Then I ask you,Where are the other people in the village?You know where they all went?“Xia Jian does not ask Feng Xiaowei,But really answered Liu Zimin。He is testing whether Liu Zimin is suitable or not to follow him。Because I followed him,It means that many people will be offended in the future。
Liu Zimin glanced at Feng Xiaowei,Then lowered his voice and said to Xia Jian:“Director of the National People’s Congress Huang Shigui led a few people to play mahjong in the conference room。Some of the others haven’t come to work yet,Some people know that Secretary Wang was taken away,They just went home“
Xia Jianyi listen,Can’t help but get angry,He was so angry that he slapped the table and roared:“Take me to the meeting room“Zhao Chunling listened,Step out,Take the lead。
Liu Zimin said quickly:“I will lead the way,You follow me。If you want to catch the scene,Keep quiet when walking,After all, they know that the new town mayor will be a newcomer in these two days”
“Chief Xia!You think about it,This Huang Shigui has a background。If you can’t subdue him once,Then you can’t carry out your future work”Feng Xiaowei rushed to Xia Jian in two steps,Whispered reminder。
Xia Jian did not speak,But go faster。Several people followed Liu Zimin,Quickly bypassing the row of offices in the north,Walk towards the large brick houses behind。When passing through a glass window,I heard the sound of mahjong inside。And the laughter of men and women。
The door of the meeting room is closed,Xia Jian is ahead of Liu Zimin,Lifting the leg is a kick,The door was kicked open with a crash。Meeting room,The tables and chairs were all moved around,There is a large space in the middle,A bunch of people around the table are playing mahjong。Here are,And there are people watching,There are more than a dozen people。
Xia Jian suddenly broke in with someone,Really shocked these people。The onlookers scattered immediately,But the four people sitting there are still。
In front of each of them,Have banknotes,Should be a lot。Xia Jian glanced,All in my eyes。