Washing water skin care whitening effect is unique


Washing water skin care whitening effect is unique

★ Make your face moist and tender as “face wash”.

hzh {display: none; }  只要每天早晚各1次,用洗米水洗脸,就能达到美肤作用。However, the skin-washing water used for skin beauty is not a casual rice-washing water.

  Material: White rice, tap water ※ Method: Step1.

Put white rice in a container and pour tap water.

  Step 2.

After scrubbing, pour out the rice washing water, and then pour in tap water again. After scrubbing, leave the second rice washing water for later use.

  third step

After the remaining rice washing water was precipitated overnight, a milky rice washing water was taken and poured into a washbasin.

  the fourth step.

Add about washed rice water 1.

5 times warm water is sufficient.

Skincare is done with rice water!

Can be used directly to wash your face!

  Xiao Ding 咛: Wash rice water in cold storage, but it can only be refrigerated in the refrigerator for one day, not more than the second day, otherwise it will ferment and deteriorate!

  Adding method: When the rice is washed for the second time, replace the water with “baijiu” to get more nutritious “baijiu rice washing water”.

  ★ Make your face moist and tender.

When “Facial Mask” is used to cleanse the skin, in addition to using rice water to wash the skin, the effect is very good.

  ※ Method: 1.

Wash the white rice a little with water first, and then wash it vigorously with a small amount of water, leaving a second wash of rice water.

Because the amount of water used is insufficient, the water feels thicker, and more sediment is obtained after standing overnight.


Pour the washed rice water that has settled down gently (but don’t throw it away, put it in another container for later use), leaving the bottom sediment.