Yilong secretly satirizes and seeks to lose-the most failure of losing martial arts, don’t scold street shrews

Yilong secretly satirically begged to lose: losing Wude is the most failure, don’t scold street shrews
The score controversy, the sudden leaving of the sleeve, and the cry of loss of voice after the game are the concentrated portrayal of the monk Yilong and the Muay Thai king’s request for a two-match battle.Compassion and tolerance.However, this kind of scene also happened last year when the two of them had a fight. It was only that the aggrieved person was a dragon, but he was accompanied by the whole process of the ceremonial process after the broadcast.      For such a contrast, Yilong finally couldn’t help but speak!Recently, he updated his personal Weibo and pointed to the above phenomenon with a text full of positive energy. A person who learns martial arts and loves martial arts loses his moral virtue is the biggest failure!Poor people can’t be short, they can be happy and lose, and don’t cry or lose their temper.Don’t blame the street shrew for losing the boxing champion I admire. We will all grow old and the world crown is not just for one person.Obviously, the object pointed to by Yilong is self-evident, and bystanders know it well.    Yilong also wrote humbly on Weibo, don’t underestimate China, the Chinese are so much more powerful, and besides, I am just one of the martial arts lovers!Friendship first competition, second, don’t just think about personal gain and loss and lose sportsmanship!We should be grateful to the opponents who were fighting together and sweating together to celebrate the victory and celebrate the feast together. Then, Gong Yanli, the female martial arts champion of the martial arts flag, KO, Gong Yanli, left three expressions of fists in a dragon Weibo, expressing her full supportAnother netizen named Dameixiyu wrote that this is a broad-minded person, and tolerance is great!Brother Long is kind, the brothers support you!Go your own way and let others go!  Further reading: Thailand’s hardest man star should not be convinced! Want KO Yilong to make a name for Muay Thai 2016 monk Yilong vs Muay Thai King broadcast a match for the second round of the match