R32The light energy crystal ore composed of energy has filled the bottom compartment,These crystal mines are all mined from the vein of Bairimen,Transport channels via the City of Steel,Finally came here。

These crystals have enough energy to complete the repair of the hull,Now the rest is a matter of time。
And Lu Menglin chose to stay here,It’s because he wants to see with his own eyes how this alien warship absorbs this energy,In his current state,Especially after learning the magic technique,Has gradually begun to understand the nature of energy,No longer stick to the appearance of things,Direct to the source。
The light energy is already Lu Menglin so far,The highest energy level I have ever touched,So observe the absorption and decomposition of the hullR32Type energy,For Lu Menglin,Helps to recognize higher levels of power。
He treats,Is a whole month,And during this time when he was not asking about world affairs,Unimaginable changes have taken place in the world structure again。
One of the four red areas of the earth,The red zone of the European Union known as the extreme west defensive circle,There was a serious mutiny。
Army of the European Union,Trying to take over the red zone in the hands of the Earth Alliance,Expel the Earth Alliance。
Because they think,Europe no longer needs the Earth Alliance,Army of their own country,Fully capable of replacing the Earth Alliance,Hold the red zone,And if it replaces it,All resources in the red zone,Including precious space channels and the new world at the other end,Will belong to them。
The Earth Coalition was caught off guard,Invaded the red zone by EU troops,Part of the army mutiny,Actively joined the army of the European Community。
Under circumstances,Remnants of the Earth Alliance,Can only make one is not wise,Still stupid decision。
They launched the final plan,Trying to end the red zone with a nuclear bomb,Close space channel,They would rather blow up the space channel,And must not let it fall into the hands of other organizations。
The power of the nuclear bomb smoothed out everything in this red zone,Including space channels。
I thought everything was over,But it turned out to be a big mess,Real chaos。
Maybe it was affected by the nuclear explosion,The long-lost dark race,Finally come again,Appeared in the area damaged by the nuclear explosion。
What’s more frightening is,This time,They come directly through space,No need to go through the space channel。
Maybe because of the power of nuclear explosion,Severely disrupted the energy balance of the space barrier,That’s why they came in。