Li Tianchou enters the restaurant from the back door as usual,The two kitchens are very busy at this time,Seeing a stranger enter,Several masters stopped their work and stared suspiciously at Li Tianchou。Until the broad bean squatting in the corner got up to say hello,Everyone has just started all over again。

Li Tianchou told Broad Bean to leave him alone,Leaving the kitchen and going straight to the office on the second floor from the staff passage,The windows in that room can see the situation in the courtyard next door,There should always be a movement when someone named Qiu comes back。
But very sorry,Except for the two half dead camphor trees,Lifeless in the yard,Trash all over the floor,Even upstairs,There are two windows with incomplete glass,There is no sign of anyone coming back。Yuan Hua from your grandma,I’m so happy?Li Tianchou was furious,I still have to take out my phone and yell at each other。
At this time there was a soft knock on the door,Li Tianchou opened the door and saw Zhu Lei,“I heard Broad Bean said you are back。”
Li Tianchou’s face is pale,But obviously I can’t say what I was fooled,I had to suppress my anger:“Change tomorrow。Free now,I happened to talk to you about that gangster。”
Zhu Lei took it to the door,People have not yet sat down,But his face is already very weird,“Now it’s not just the gangsters。”
“What do you mean?Who else is coming?”Li Tianchou was surprised,Old Zhu’s expression is obviously embarrassing。
“The two big gangsters in the sandy area in the north of the city also handed out greetings,Eat downstairs now,Said he was waiting to see you。and also……That’s it。”
“Which one?Red envelope?”Li Tianchou saw Zhu Lei hesitating,Naturally guessed。
“Not bad,These two people are generous,One flick is five numbers。”Zhu Lei stretched out a hand,And flip back and forth,That means five numbers per person。
Li Tianchou frowned,Long time no words,Regardless of the other party’s attempts,But today,Tomorrow will be annoying。It seems that after Sun Guaizi fell,Many mixed dragons in Fukuyama have no head,Or go big,Or find a new backer,Anyway, it will be messed up for a while。
“You didn’t tell them that I was out?”
“said,People also believe。But just wait,Do not make trouble when ordering food and drinking,We can’t blow people away。”Zhu Lei sighed,“But it doesn’t matter,They dare not insist,Just like the group of people yesterday,I can’t stand it in the afternoon。But it will come later。The most difficult thing is this red envelope,If you really retire,Then they dare to hang on。”
“Can’t ask for money,If it has been accepted,I can’t move it temporarily。Always think of a safe way。”Li Tianchou scratched his head,I feel like this is in a hurry,It’s not one size fits all,But how to deal with it properly takes a bit of brain。
At this time, Fu De knocked on the door and came in,“Headed,Old wish,Someone looking for。”
“What person?If you still pass the post,Never see,Let’s talk about it for two days,”Li Tianchou waved his hand,A little annoying。