Now the energy formed by Li Ming’s blue and white mist and secret arts far exceeds the combined effect of mind and mana。

Under the pressure of such a crisis,On the contrary, Li Ming’s knowledge of the sea is empty,Suddenly,Mysterious means to integrate the sand of the world formed by the secret technique into oneself。
Combination of formations,Display《Light and Dark Mandala Collection》A large array of light and dark,Magic weapon‘Thousand Stars’For dark,Hidden Void,And the sand of the world is the sun,Front rolling,Shade and sun。
The big array,Although insufficient attack,But it can easily block this person who can be said to have reached the threshold of the three-step Taoist,The extremely powerful Ershandaojun,Even the Lord of Two Paths used a precious talisman treasure,Inspire a powerful bombardment on the big array,But still unable to break Li Ming’s defense。
The two have been fighting for 13 years,Across eighty-five territories,Jun Erbudao finally had to give up—Of course Li Ming can’t kill the opponent。
And this time,It was also the most dangerous time for Li Ming on his way to the Great Wilderness。
First21chapter Enlightenment in the Tower
Tianqiong Clan,Inside the True Void Glass Tower,Li Ming’s deity sits on a futon,Puffs of smoke。
Invisible power penetrates the true spirit,Stimulate Li Ming’s understanding,Increased speed of enlightenment,Barriers to reduce bottlenecks。
“yin and yang!”Li Ming’s palm,A chaotic air current begins to change,Split into two groups。
“Minghui!”Change of light color。
“Turbid!”Up,A mass sinking。
“Virtual reality!”The chaotic air mass is looming!
“Light and dark!”Pure light and darkness intertwined!
Li Ming’s eyes opened,Shining。
Point and tap,This chaotic air flow completely exploded,Turned into a super miniature world。
“《Light and Dark Mandala Collection》,Light and Dark Array?wrong,It should be the way of liangyi!”
Ambidextrous,The beginning of the world,Everything is chaos,Is for Promise,Wuji Sheng Tai Chi,Tai Chi Sheng Liang Yi!