In the spring, you should drink five kinds of flower tea to make you feel good and healthy.

In the spring, you should drink five kinds of flower tea to make you feel good and healthy.

Dandelion tea dandelion, also known as yellow flower diced, according to the “Compendium of Materia Medica” records, dandelion, bitter, sweet, cold; return to the liver, stomach; promote digestion, prolactin, clear blood, strong liver, diuretic, improve gallstones, constipation, fearCold, acne, asthma.

It can clear away heat and poison, turn poison, and eliminate swelling.

Rose tea rose is lukewarm and rich in vitamins. It has the functions of dispersing liver and regulating qi, promoting blood circulation and regulating menstruation, balancing the endocrine and other functions. It has a conditioning effect on the liver and stomach, and can eliminate fatigue, improve physical fitness, and reduce it in time.

In addition, it can effectively alleviate cardiovascular diseases, and can be used for beauty and beauty, helping to improve dry skin and remove dark spots on the skin.

Usually take 6 to 10 dried roses, add to the cup, rush into the hot water, you can also match with two red dates at any time, it can add a little sweet, and add nourishment.

Jasmine tea jasmine tea is the most mellow aroma in various kinds of herbal teas. It is the top product of spring tea drinking, and has the effect of “going cold evil, assistant depression”.

Drinking jasmine tea in addition to calming the mood, invigorating the spirit, can also spleen and dampness, replace stomach upset and stomach pain, for women’s physiology, reproductive function can also help, and beauty, moisturize the skin, relieve dysmenorrhea.

Honeysuckle tea honeysuckle tea, its taste is sweet and cold, with the effect of evacuating wind and heat, clearing away heat and detoxifying, reducing swelling and relieving pain.

Because of the good temperament in the spring, it is easy to exogenous and windy and evil. Honeysuckle tea can alleviate the common upper respiratory tract infections in the spring, tonsillitis, influenza, periodontitis and other complications. It also relieves pain and enteritis, and helps to cool the blood.Stop the flu, diuretic and liver.

It should be noted that honeysuckle tea is suitable for taking with mild exogenous symptoms. If the symptoms of cold are heavier, medication is still needed.

Chrysanthemum tea chrysanthemum has the effect of nourishing liver and calming liver, clearing liver and clearing eye, especially suitable for spring use.

At the same time, it may detoxify fitness, evacuate the wind and clear the heat, exorcise the evil and reduce the fire, sore throat and swelling, and resist the harmful chemical substances or reducing substances accumulated in the body, and eliminate the effect.

It can also inhibit a variety of pathogens, enhance microvascular elasticity, slow down heart rate, lower blood pressure and plasma, and have the effect of moisturizing, benefiting blood and maintaining hair.

Other precautions Chinese medicine believes that the liver and gallbladder meridians in the body are vigorous and active in the spring. If you can nurse the liver at this time, you can enhance your immunity and keep your body in the best condition.

The “liver” in Chinese medicine, including the liver and neuroendocrine system, the eyes, etc., nurses the kidneys in the diet, life must be restrained, the most important thing is to maintain a cheerful mood.