Qin Feng’s words are now suspecting that the Shenglong Group will do it,The most important thing is that Qin Feng warned him yesterday!

“Is not,Mr. Qin Feng, don’t get me wrong,Under normal circumstances,I will take over the shameful methods of Shenglong Group,But I have never dealt with Miss Wang Mengmeng。”
Master Dao almost knelt down to make Qin Feng believe what he said。
Chapter Sixteen Du Heng
Of course Qin Feng believes in the words of Master Dao,After all, he had his own inference from the beginning,And this time I came to Master Dao to question. In fact, I hope the other party can find the man behind the plant.。
After all, Qin Feng is just a person after all,There is not enough manpower for him to mobilize。This way, in terms of intelligence, it is still no better than a large organization with a large number of people.。
“Ok,I can trust you,But you should also hope to find the person who planted you as soon as possible?After all, the other party’s purpose should be self-evident,Is to make you fight with the Wang family。After all, whether it was Shenglong you eventually annexed the Wang family,Or the Wang family survived your commercial sniper,The final result is just a tragic victory。Not a good thing for both of you。If it is inferred like this,You will be able to profit after you both lose,It must be behind the scenes?”
Hear Qin Feng’s analysis,The scheming sword master nodded in agreement。
Just because I just learned about this,That’s why Master Dao didn’t think so thoroughly,Otherwise, give him enough time to analyze,Basically, you can get the same conclusion as Qin Feng。
Soon Master Dao began to call the mobile phone and order the people below to do things.。
And Qin Feng,Naturally, I started tasting tea easily。People from Shenglong Group will investigate this kind of thing clearly,Doesn’t need him to go out in person。
of course,Even survey information,It must take a lot of time。
But since Shenglong Group, which is quite influential in Jiangbei, shot,Then it will definitely not take more than half a day。
so,Qin Feng just needs to sit here and drink tea in peace,After a while, I will have the answer I want。
He doesn’t even need to find trouble with the black hand behind the scenes,Shenglong Group will definitely take action。After all, Shenglong Group is the leader of enterprises in Jiangbei Province,Those who dare to touch the dragon’s scales will receive fierce revenge。
In the evening,Master Dao is busy from all kinds of phone calls。
At this moment he wiped the sweat off his face and exhaled heavily,After adjusting his state, sit down opposite Qin Feng again。
“Mr. Qin Feng,Basically investigated clearly,It’s the two married companies,After the merger they became a group company,Xiao Mo Group。Perhaps because the new group was established, it was full of ambitions,They secretly push our Shenglong and Wang clan to fight,Want to profit from it。Now that the truth is clear,Our Shenglong Group has already begun to deal with them,As for Wang,We will find an opportunity to apologize to them。Hope to have business cooperation in the future。”