Behind this person,With seven or eight young people,They dress weirdly,Even the hairstyle is strange。The bald head glanced at Xia Jian standing at the door,He asked coldly:“Did you bring the money??If you don’t bring money, get out,I dare call the police,Then she is over”

“joke,I don’t see anyone,Why take out the money?Moreover,Could it be that you would do such a damaging thing because of 100,000 yuan?”Xia Jian deliberately raised his voice,Shout loudly。
Bald hummed coldly:“Shao his mother to teach Lao Tzu here,How do I need you to teach?I can show you people first,But if the money is not brought,,Then your trouble will be big”
Xia Jian didn’t fight anymore,But slowly walked in,While walking,While observing the surrounding geographical environment。In case you start,He has to be optimistic about the way out。
Walked less than ten meters away from the bald head,Just listen to the bald head coldly shout:“stop!Just stand there,If you dare to play tricks,Don’t blame me for being ruthless”
Xia Jiangang stop,I heard slight footsteps behind me。He glanced back,Not far from him,Four or five more men appeared。They all have belongings in their hands。
At this time,From behind a pile of debris,Two men came out with Lu Wanting。I saw Lu Wanting’s hands tied to her back,With a tape on his mouth。Her hair is messy,Clothes are a bit messy,It feels like being beaten。
“What a bunch of bastards!Deal with a woman like this,Are you afraid that it will make people laugh??”Xia Jian couldn’t help being furious。
The bald head may never have expected,Xia Jian faced so many people,Dare to swear。He said with a smile:“Are you a bit too arrogant?If you dare to speak in this tone,That woman is your end”
“Less nonsense,Take the tape off her mouth first。You don’t let her talk,Why should I give you money”Xia Jian shouted loudly。
Bald head smiled and said:“Let me tell you!This woman asks our friends for money,I hit my friend at a disagreement。So my friend gave it to me。I think this punch is worth 100,000,But she is not obedient,So I asked someone to clean her up twice”
“She asked me to call you,Said you can take out the money,It’s that simple”Bald head talking,Looked at Xia Jian from head to toe。He might be watching where Xia Jian hid the 100,000 yuan。
Xia Jian took a step closer and said:“Remove the tape from her mouth,I still have to see if she gets hurt,Otherwise I won’t give you a cent of the money”