Their Master will die.,Said to be“have a look”,Actually“Worship”。

“Humph!”Li Mozhen still snort,I didn’t promise for a while,But didn’t say anything。
Chu Dee,I am busy with Hong Lingbo.……
“Late disciple Hong Lingbo,Disappear!”Hong Lingbo is only a small one or two years old than a small dragon.,But this is a good time.。
Li Mo smashed her,But there is no stop。
“Also this teacher,Since it is the disciple of the teacher,Should give Master and the ancestors to see。”Dragon’s heart,Suddenly, one such a big teacher worshiped himself.,Not surprising。
“now that‘Uncle’Unhappy,I will go in and see it.!”Li Mozhen called the disciple cold channel。
Hong Lingbo is still very afraid of Li Mozhen,However, this time I heard the teacher’s cold.,In the heart, there is a relief。
“Join together、Join together……”The Chu Dee will push Li Mozhen in the back.,However, I was immediately twisted by the latter.。
Just finally Li Mozhen or half a half,Also into the ancient tomb。
Leave Chu Deirers and Wang Yin,actually……Say words,Wang Yizhen may also be in a friend of ancient tomb.,But men must not do it.!
The time outside the ancient tomb is not bored,After all, it will be temporarily separated.,Chu Deirers also have to hurry up the opportunity,王 王 武 武 武——Although Wang Yizhen will not force martial arts,But it is very understandable!
Not only see how far,more importantly,Some miscellaneous memories、knowledge,The Chu Deiren did not look carefully at the time.,However, Wang Yin has seen it.,Remember,Therefore, some opinions on high-rise buildings in theoretical high hopes can be presented.。
Just these days,Wang Yizhen has some feelings,Very unsatisfactory,After this time and the Chu Deirers said,is also like this。
“what happened?No climate?”Chu Deiren asked,Calculate the winter。
“Chu Da Ge,I am not a bit cumbersome.?”
Chu Deirers noted,Although Wang Yizhen asked,But the emotions are unlike low,But like it is……perturbed?What is the decision?。
“Absolutely no,You are I met……The most abundant knowledge of martial arts knowledge!”Chu Deirers are sincere prostitute。
Wang Yizhen:……
After getting a lot of praise you want to hear,Wang Yan is deep breathing,What is the way?:“In fact, I also discuss it with Mozhen sister.,If everything goes well、I am also willing……Can be went to the ancient tombs!”
“kindness?Phrase,Your current age……Cough,I am saying.,You’re the best!”Chu Deee has a keen feeling.“murderous look”,So the middle。
But after thinking about it.,Chu Deirers still say:“and many more,Tomb of the tomb,Not necessarily suitable for you,and《Unhappy》If you learn to live,Also on the town of the town……correct,《Unhappy》You haven’t seen it yet.?”
“Seen……Just a few pages。”Come back,Wang Yizhen, think of a few pages,Come on some blush。
“It’s ok,I remember it.,Copy you for a while。”Chu Deteen big bag is big,Silk is not sorry。
“No need,《Unhappy》Indeed,And thousands of changes,This is nothing,It’s too difficult to me.,After all, I have passed the best old age.。”Wang Yizhen said,I still read the Chu Deirent.。
Chu Deirers smirked over,I didn’t think so before pretend.。
“That《Jade》can?”Chu Deirers are really curious、Half is a boat。
“it should be OK,Mo Zhen sister said that her Master is also an old age.《Jade》,And before the internal force is also very shallow……kindness?How do you know Chu?《Jade》?”Wang Yizhen asked。
If someone is asking,Chu Deirers also need to edit,However, Wang Yin’s words,As long as it is over,She never ask more,Will definitely put the same,Skip the topic,
“However, according to the rules of the ancient tomb,《Jade》Isn’t only the head and head inheritance??and……You can really adapt to the rules of the ancient tombs?”Chu Deirers are skilled。
“Mozhen sister said……if everything goes well,After that, she can make the rules of the tomb change.。”Wang Yizhen said here,I don’t know what I thought.,Face slightly red road:“and……Chu Da Ge is very interested, will I accept the rule of ancient tombs??”
“certainly!I can promise your mother.,Then you will send you safely.,How can you stay in ancient tomb??”Chu Deiren nodded。
Wang Yizhen:……
Chapter 123 New rule
“rest assured!The rules of this ancient tomb,From today,It is called!”After Li Mo’s tomb,The big bag is big.。
At this time, the little dragon girl and grandself are just the side.,However, the former does not change color,The latter after hearing Li Mozhen,The look is tangled……