Compulsory course for baby’s summer skin care

Compulsory course for baby’s summer skin care

Summer is accompanied by an increase in temperature, an increase in humidity, and a large number of insects such as mosquitoes and fly. These are the “behind-the-scenes killers” that threaten the baby’s skin health. As long as they are not careful, they will “invite” the baby.”A variety of skin problems that upset parents.

In order to let their babies “enron” through the hot summer, from now on, parents need to “make up” the baby skin protection summer required course.

I told my sister-in-law that bye-bye is one of the skin diseases that babies are very susceptible to in summer. The cause is that in a high-temperature and high-humidity environment, the baby’s sweat is not excreted smoothly after sweating, which causes the sweat glands to fail, which in turn causes the sweat glands to surround.inflammation.

After sweating, the red rashes on the face, neck, and back of the baby are actually red bumps in the gardenia. The characteristics of the red bumps are sudden and sudden, and they will increase rapidly, distribute or merge into tablets, and the baby will suffer from itching, burning andThe tingling sensation suddenly became restless.

In fact, as long as appropriate measures are taken, the babies can say “bye” to the entangled sister-in-law.

In order to prevent babies from picking up cripples, we must first pay attention to the ventilation and cooling of the indoor environment to avoid excessive humidity and high temperatures. Secondly, mothers should choose loose, breathable clothes for the baby in summer so that the baby’s sweat will easily evaporate after sweating.

For babies who have begun to have cripples, mothers need to insist on bathing their babies with warm water every day, and then pour an appropriate amount of baby-specific cricket powder on the affected area, so that the baby’s symptoms will gradually improve.

Some babies often scratch the affected area and cause the skin to rupture. In order to reduce the friction of the skin on the affected area, it is best to choose cotton clothes for the baby.

In addition, mothers can add baby-specific clothes care agent when the clothes are rinsed for the last time. The clothes care agent can smooth out the fiber and make the washed clothes soft and comfortable. Comfortable clothes can effectively relieve the baby’s pain and discomfort.
Two babies who say “Little Red Butt” do not use diapers often show the symptoms of “Red Butt”, which is medically called “diaper skin ringworm”. In the hot summer, the frequency of “Little Red Butt” is even moreImproved a lot.

Experts suggest that mothers do not prevent “discarding” disposable diapers in the summer, but use traditional cotton diapers for babies who already have “red butt”, because pure cotton diapers are absolutely safe for babies and their quality is not guaranteed.The irritating index of diapers on the baby’s small butt will aggravate the symptoms of “red butt” instead.

There are also some things to pay attention to when using traditional diapers for babies: First, wash and change the diaper at the beginning, and fully expose it to the sun after washing to achieve disinfection. Second, mothers need to use water after each time the baby urinatesWash the small butt, and then apply the baby’s special talcum powder to keep the skin dry, and then change the baby to a dry and clean diaper; Third, the surface of the diaper that has been used for a long time is rough, and rubbing with the baby’s small butt will aggravate the “red butt”Symptoms, mothers can add a baby-specific clothing care agent during the final rinse of the diaper, which can keep the diaper soft and fluffy, and reduce the discomfort of the baby.

Moms with three mosquitoes “out of the door” always feel that the mosquitoes in summer are inevitable. As long as they are not careful, their little baby will be “attacked” and there will be several small red envelopes.

After being bitten, scratching your baby can cause local infections and redness around the skin, which can even cause dermatitis.

For babies with delicate skin and resistance, mosquitoes have huge “killing power” in a few mouthfuls, and mothers can’t ignore it.

Anti-mosquito tasks are daunting, and moms have to start small.

When the baby is usually bathed, mothers can add some baby-specific mosquito repellent liquid in the bath water; when the baby is outdoors, the mother can use a fan to gently fan the baby around the baby to drive out mosquitoes; when the baby falls asleep at nightMosquito nets have become the best “protective net”; mosquitoes like brightly colored clothes, and some bright yellow clothes are easy to attract small flying insects, so mothers should choose light clothes for their babies.

As long as mothers “charge” and “make up lessons” from time to time, babies can have enviable healthy skin even on hot summer days.