Yao Junli on the phone sighed and said:“Alone in the snow,Agreed to accompany me for the New Year,Where are you?Does the talk count??”

Xia Jian suddenly remembered,I really promised Yao Junli,Staying with her for two days。How did he forget about it?,This is how to do?I just promised Ma Yan to marry him,He can’t meet Yao Junli in a blink of an eye!
Although Ma Yan said he would not interfere with his freedom,But he did,Xia Jian was still a little unhappy,After all, he is a person with a marriage contract。
Just when Xia Jianzheng didn’t know how to answer Yao Junli,Suddenly a voice came from behind:“Go!Big under the snow,Drive carefully”
Xia Jian surprised,A sharp turn,He found that Ma Yan didn’t know when he had stood behind him。Xia Jian quickly hung up Yao Junli’s call,Asked unnaturally:“when did you come?”
“Came here for a while,See you fascinated,Can’t bear to disturb you”Ma Yan smiled and said。Xia Jian discovered,Ma Yan’s body is already white。He walked over,Gently patted her off the snow。
Ma Yan smiled slightly,I also patted the snow on Xia Jian,Then he took a breath and said:“Go!I said that,I don’t interfere with your freedom,I believe you can handle everything”Ma Yan finished,Turned and disappeared in the heavy snow。
Correct!I should be more confident。Xia Jian clenched his fist,Walked quickly to the entrance of the village。He opened the trunk of the car,Find snow chains,Quickly installed the car。
Snow gets bigger and bigger,Can almost cover the instep。Xia Jian drives his jeep,Rush to Chaoping City。Night falls,The sound of firecrackers was heard intermittently in the surrounding villages。The strong flavor of the New Year hasn’t diminished because of this heavy snow。
The road from Xiping Village to Pingdu City is fairly smooth,The snow on the road is getting thicker,But Xia Jian drove the car very smoothly。
More than half an hour later,The car has entered Pingdu。on the street,Very few vehicles,A group of children chasing,They are playing a game of snowball fight。Occasionally there is a couple hugging and walking past the car window。
Xia Jian drove the car very slowly,He walks,While enjoying,He seems to have never seen such a beautiful scenery。
When Xia Jian’s car just drove to the gate of Yao Junli’s villa,,The closed big iron gate opened at this moment。I saw Yao Junli ran out facing the car lights。She rushed into Xia Jian’s car like wind,He hugged Xia Jian violently and kissed twice.:“I know you will come”
On the coffee table in Yao Junli’s living room,The sumptuous dishes have been arranged。White wine、Put a bottle of red wine。Xia Jian took a breath,Very generously sitting on the sofa。
Yao Junli went back to the room to change clothes。This rich man,Even the details of eating a meal are very particular。Xia Jian looked at these two bottles of wine,Up and down。Maybe this is the last time she sits here drinking。
Just when Xia Jian was thinking about this,Yao Junli walked out in a soft and beautiful pajamas。This woman usually pays great attention to maintenance,She who has never had children,The body is really good and can’t be described。
Yao Junli nestled against Xia Jian and sat down gently,She stared at Xia Jian with two charming and beautiful big eyes,I asked softly after a long time:“Do you have something on your mind?”
Xia Jian wanted to say that he and Ma Yan were getting married,But when it came to his lips, he felt wrong again。On such a night,He didn’t want to spoil such a beautiful atmosphere。
“Oh!Nothing,I just think you are getting more and more beautiful”Xia Jian smiled,Reached for the red wine on the table。
Yao Junli hit Xia Jian lightly and said:“fool,Red wine needs to wake up”She stood up。Yao Junli is very skilled in opening red wine,She quickly poured the red wine in the decanter。