Liao Wenjie,Long nine heart,Frowning poker table,Shake, you can’t play。

“It’s ok,I teach you,I want to win very simple,Have a hand。”
Liao Wenjie puts the dragon nine press on the chair,Alert,Let the operator quickly licensing。
This sentence is too loud,Several gambling masters from the monketeers and around,Everything is cold to Liao Wenjie,Dark Road, I want to cool in front of beauty,Let him lose to the pants today.。
ten minutes later,Several old people look at the empty space,Falling into life。
Monollion is full of sweat,Repeatedly check the organs of your hand,Look at Liao Wenjie’s eyes and fear,This man didn’t touch the table.,But you can do full control of dripping,Five consecutive flush,he……
How did he do that?
“how did you do it?”
Dragon Kiu looks at the collapsed chips in front of it.,I pulled Riri Wenjie tie,Attached in his ear。
“I have nothing to do with me.!”
Liao Wenjie laughed:“Newcomer,In order for you to make you feel good,Creating a play card but so illusion,I will fed you crash in the early stage.,Wait for you to eat you,Raise to expand,I’m slaughtering again.。”
“Is that right?”
Dragon Nine does not believe,Table interest is lacking,I want to let Liao Wenjie entertainment。
“Can’t,I don’t gamble。”
Dragon is a white eye,Deceive,Liao Wenjie does not gamble,What happened?
She looked at the chips before the eyes.,Ridicule:“Since you don’t gamble,Then these are what I won.,how,Is there a soft meal??”
the other side,Hussein is silent in monitoring indoor,Five consecutive flush,He put it in the eyes,So what to see now,Behind the cold sweat is soaked。
Liao Wenjie uses gambling?
Did not see it。
The whole process can only be summarized in two words——luck。
It seems that this man is in the same way.,What brand is there?,Even the licensee can’t stop it.,Winning the light,Pick a half-point disease。
Therefore,Hussein is afraid,This kind of gambling is never seen before,Cai Yi thinking。
Hussein’s consciousness compared,I found not to say him,It is the dry jailbreak in front of Liao Wenjie.,I can’t stop the other side to put the same flush.。
“This person’s gambling……I would like to call him a real gambling。”
Hussein touched handkerchief,Cold sweat。
Fortunately, no problem,He has never regarded Liao Wen Jie as the opponent on the gambling table.,Although Liao Wenjie gambling,As long as he is not betting,Liao Wenjie is thinking about him。
“Let you lose it again for a while,Wait until,See how you still feel!”
Hussein hates hate,Resolutely not admit that you have a loss of ruling about Liao Wenjie,Turn out to the Chen Xiao Knife and Zuoxi in the surveillance。