cold war。

Xia Jian managed to survive the vacation,Finally waited until the day he went to work。Early in the morning,Heiwa personally drove him to the group。
I haven’t taken care of the group for so many days,To be honest, he was really suffocated。Arrived at the half-office,He first turned on the computer,Then I asked Heiwa about everything。Heiwa gave him tea,Answer while doing。
Just arrived at seven thirty,Xi Zhen and Wang Lin walked in back and forth。Of course Xi Zhen came in to see if Xia Jian’s tea was made,Then I asked Xia Jian if he didn’t need anything,After all, she is a secretary。
Wang Lin has a cold face。She seems to be here this time,In private, Xia Jian called her several times and she never answered,inQQShe didn’t reply to the message,I simply ignore Xia Jian’s existence。
In this case,Xia Jian didn’t want to put his hot face on other people’s cold ass。He will come too,Obviously Wang Lin is looking for him,But he deliberately turned his face,Ask Xi Zhendao:“What is the situation in the Eastern Wholesale Market?Have you visited the market?”
“Have been a few times。Things are good now,Order in the market,The number of open merchants has reached more than 90%。More than 5% of the merchant stores have been renovated,Just wait for the goods to be opened”Xi Zhen smiled and said。She may also find that the atmosphere is a bit wrong。
Xia Jian nodded and said:“Shop the few remaining high,Let the management office carry out exterior decoration,Even if it’s a billboard,Also hang up”
“Good manager Xia,I understand,I’ll arrange it”Xi Zhen finished,Left quickly。
Wang Lin said coldly:“You sent me the proposal for the development and investment of Hongchuan River Hot Springs,I have shown it to Mr. Xiao,He agrees,And instructed to implement immediately。Professionals involved in surveying hot springs,I have also invited,Just waiting for your decision“
“it is good!Let these people go to Pingdu today,I’ll call Mr. Guo to arrange,If it can meet the development standards,We start the development plan immediately“Xia Jian also said with a serious face。
Wang Lin responded,Reported several internal affairs to Xia Jian。Xia Jian can just listen to these things,He doesn’t care about these little things,What he cares about is how to expand the development business of the group。
“How is the expansion of Nanyuan tourist attraction?Why didn’t Mr. Xiao mention this?,Did it stop again??“Xia Jian changed the topic and asked。
Wang Lin glanced at Xia Jian,Took a breath and said:“I’ll let Dragon Ball report this to you separately.!“Wang Lin finished,Then turned around and left。