The better the strength of foot massage, the misunderstanding of foot massage

The better the strength of foot massage, the misunderstanding of foot massage

Foot massage has been favored by many people because there are many acupuncture points on the soles of the feet. Proper massage can promote blood circulation throughout the body and assist in the treatment of diseases. There is a big misunderstanding for foot massage.

What are the misunderstandings of pedicure massage?

1 The better the force protrusions, the better the part of the population thinks that the heavier the foot treatment, the better, in fact, the appropriate foot massage, can prolong life, is conducive to good health.

The strength of the foot massage determines its efficacy. If the strength is too small, it will have no effect. If the strength is too large, people can’t stand it, so be sure to take the massage.

2 Foot therapy is suitable for all human pedicures. It is a non-drug therapy that stimulates the acupuncture points on the feet, thereby adjusting the physiological functions in the body, promoting blood circulation throughout the body and improving immune function.

But not all people are suitable for pedicure, and women can’t do pedicure during menstruation.

When a hemorrhagic person performs a foot massage, it will accelerate the bleeding in the tissue. When the massage is performed, it is necessary to avoid the place where the subcutaneous tissue and the skeletal muscle are opened to prevent the periosteum from being crushed, thereby causing serious damage to the body.

In addition, high blood pressure, pregnant women, high blood pressure can not do pedicure, or there will be accidents, and even lead to miscarriage of pregnant women.

3 You can also do foot massage yourself. For convenience and hygiene, you will do a foot reflexology at home or use a foot bath to massage.

There will be a lot of acupuncture points on the soles of the feet, and only a strong massage on the corresponding reflex zones can achieve a certain effect.

If you want to do pedicure at home, you can buy a wooden barrel, bubble feet before going to bed, try to choose a large and deep wooden barrel, soak your feet in the water as much as possible, so veryComfortable.

Sticking to the feet every day can also improve people’s metabolism and blood circulation, eliminate fatigue, improve the quality of sleep, and also have the effect of promoting blood circulation and collaterals.

Tips to note that it is not possible to do pedicure within an hour after a meal. After half an hour of massage, you should immediately drink 500 ml of warm water. During the massage, your feet should not be stimulated by cold. You can’t use cold water immediately after massage.Wash your feet.

Because the foot massage can promote blood circulation, for various visceral hemorrhage, cerebral hemorrhage and other serious hemorrhagic diseases can not be massaged under the foot, otherwise it will cause major bleeding.

For patients with severe renal failure, liver necrosis, etc., stimulation of the foot massage will worsen the condition.

It is also impossible to do pedicure during tuberculosis activities, otherwise it will cause tuberculosis to spread through the blood circulation, which will bring serious consequences to the body.