Xia Shuyue stopped talking,Yes,Have to survive first。

Wang San parked the motorcycle downstairs in Xia Shuyue’s cabin,Hold her up,Open the door,Took a look,laugh it out,“Your nest is similar to mine,We can live together。”
“go to hell。”Xia Shuyue was uncertain about life and death before,So physically and mentally exhausted,Saw that I was saved,Slowly recovered some strength,So he scolded Wang Sanyi。
Wang San didn’t ask her address at all,Sent her directly,Xia Shuyue knows very well,It proves that Wang San has been following her for a long time,She just came to stay overnight,Wang San knows。
Xia Shuyue sat on the bed weakly,Take a long breath,Finally alive。
“I want to kiss one more。”Wang San came up with a hippy smile。
Xia Shuyue felt sick when she saw him,Hurriedly cover his mouth,Just right,The sound of a taxi from downstairs,quickly,Someone ran upstairs。
Xia Shuyue was wondering who it was,These neighbors of her usually don’t go home in the middle of the night,I saw someone come in。
Because I’m afraid others will find out,Wang San from Jin to the present,No lights on,So Xia Shuyue never saw who came in。
The man spoke,“She’s not dead?”Xia Shuyue already saw a woman through the moonlight outside at this time,When I heard the sound, I knew it was Chunmei。
“One more breath。”Wang San turned and walked outside holding Xia Shuyue’s phone,“Phone is ok,I took it,Just as you repay my thanks,You’re welcome。”
“You give me back。”Wang San walked out,Xia Shuyue wanted to stand up and chase。
Chunmei held her down,Turn on the light,“Forget it,Just a cell phone,It would be nice to get a life back。”
“He kidnapped me,I also thank him?Wait for me to feel better,I’ll call the police right away。”Xia Shuyue was so angry,She experienced too much today。
Chunmei took out the chicken soup he bought outside,Pass it to Xia Shuyue,“It’s still hot,Eat some first。”
Xia Shuyue picked up the jar,Drink slowly,“thank you。”
“to be frank,This life is in the hands of Wang San,You can survive,If others,You must be dead。”Chunmei sighed,She also feels scared。
“Irrational,He killed me like this,I also want to thank him?”Xia Shuyue became angry when she heard this。
“Wang San told me,Someone pays your life。”Chunmei looked outside,Close the door,Whisper。