Wild, scorpion, take a breath,Trembling eyelids,Force yourself to see‘Ghost house’Full picture。Although the face is blue,She also didn’t make a scream,Just tight tight Robin’s arm。

“Scorpion,Good heart,no,I am saying that it is so biliary,You are just an ordinary person,what a shame。”
Liao Wenjie slightly hit the cup of the hand,Resentment,Long hair disappears,Cup of water transparent,It doesn’t seem to have something different from the normal life water.。
He put down the cup,Drag the body’s stiff wild rushed back to the living room,One ass is full of brunette wound sofa。
The wild is sitting down,Concentrated brunette,Wrapped her waist neck,See this scene,She hugged Liao Wenjie’s hands couldn’t help but font.。
“How about it,Is it satisfied with the back of this world??”Liao Wenjie lesodes on the sofa,The surrounding long hair is quiet,Popularity of fear of respectful。
“Ager,you……Who are you??”
“I thought you knew when you were in a spiritual company.。”
Liao Wenjie touched a business card handed over,See the wild arm,Intimate business card into her top:“In your neon,I am the exorcist,Yin Yang teacher can also,But I don’t have a god.。”
“You are very strong?”
“It should be very strong.!”
Liao Wenjie:“Although I didn’t kill people,But the evil spirits have a lot of bad resentment,More than number,Probably so much……”
Say,He raised his hand than a number six。
“Six digits。”
Just in the wild, you can’t support your surrounding strange scenes.,When you are tangled, do you want to sit on Liao Wenji?,The white line of the boss is climbed out of a pale figure.,Make the house in the house。
“Such a big grievance,But who is you strange?,Some games are really playing.。”
Liao Wenjie sighed,Get up and leave the sofa,Drag the wild scorpion came to the ghost body:“About that Chu people,You all know what,tell me,I will revenge for you.。”
I heard the name reported in Liao Wenjie.,The body of the ghost is stiff,Backward,Indented into the white line。
at this time,A monoglement of a beautiful grief comes from the direction of the bathroom.。
“Lang is in the heart,When I am on the broken intestine,Grouting mood~~~”
“It is not easy to isolate,All remorse today~~~”
Wild, scorpion scalp,Although she can’t understand the Cantonese opera lyrics,But music is not divided into borders.,Beautiful songs are blended with a vitious singing chamber,Let her feel the strong resentment。
Liao Wenjie turned to the bathroom,Within the line of view,The ghost of blue clothes floating,Black long hair cover,One frame a flashes,As soon as transients come to him。
Long hair, no wind,Black stains,A black lacquered big mouth opened,Roaring against Liao Wenjie。
Wild, scorpion heart jump crazy acceleration,Under the oppression of the fear,Close,Daren look again。
Liao Wenjie raises his hand,Bring the blue ghosts in front of you,Between a moment,Whole ghost,No more cool。
“You can blink,Just a grievance,She is not here。”
Liao Wenjie firi took out his own hand,Kneaked down, knocking on the white line of the outlined body:“Brother,I know you are still,Tell me,Where is the body of Chu people?,What is the name of the village??”
“Huangshan Village。”
Chapter 320 There is no power to live.
Sports car in the mountain small road,Huangshan Village near Kowloon,As the high-rise building is gradually,The situation of the road begins to get bad。
Must not,Liao Wenjie found a small neck tree,pull over,Change to a wild scorpion to walk。
“Ager,Yin Yang Eye will never close,Yes?”Wild 冴子。
All the way,She saw a lot of souls,Normal life,The shape and ordinary people have no difference,Abnormal,Such as the ghost on the car accident,How to be terrible。