Community democracy consultation to crack "installed elevators" problem

In the 19th National Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee, in the "Party Committee Leaders, the Government is responsible, the social collaboration, the public participation, the rule of law guarantee" social governance pattern, "democratic consultation" "science and technology support", requires construction "people People are responsible, everyone is responsible, everyone has a social governance community.

The multiculturalism under the leadership of the party construction, social self-management is becoming a solid cornerstone of the new system of China’s grassroots governance.

On the 16th Building, No. 16, South Village, Shangdu Street, Shanghai, fully played the democratic consultation of the party’s construction, and widespread the masses in just four months and successfully cracked the "installed elevator" problem. 21 red hand prints, "round" "Elevator Dream" in the old community, and pursue a new requirement of 28-word social governance system. The old community is equipped with an elevator, which is the inherent problem in this large city.

"The idea is very beautiful, it is very bone", and the idea of ??instigating the elevator in the old community has become a normal state.

However, the No. 16 building in Shangnan Si Village is inquiring from the resident opinion to raise the elevator total funds, only for short four months.

The speed is fast, it is the most popular Shanghai! In-depth exploration, the democratic consultation in the party construction, community autonomous martial arts is the winning way of winning the No. 16, Nanxi Village.

First, grab the people’s most direct most realistic interests, so that the people have more feelings, happiness, and safe sense.

In the early 1980s, Shangnan Si village residential area was the old community of nearly 40 years, 64 door caves, more than 3,800 people living, only 83 people over 90 years old. Among them, the 90-year-old elderly old man, the 502-year-old husband and wife, the installed elevator is the urgent need to solve the problem of the top floor of the 16th floor. It is found that the entry point and power of the service masses are found, and the role of the masses is to play the role of the masses, the promotion of the enthusiasm, initiative, and creativity laid the foundation.

The second is to fully mobilize community innovation and promote the formation of democratic consultation.

Through the full "Democracy Talk" "Multiple Talks" and other democratic consultations, make residents from understanding, never approve support, completing one hundred percent of the consent rate, and finally Determine 4 cost assessment programs. This inspires the enthusiasm of the people to participate in grassroots governance, and enriching the connotation of grassroots democratic decisions, democracy management, democratic supervision.

The third is to build a grid, build an acquaintance of the society. The residents of the 16th floor proposed the demand of "installed elevators", the strength of party construction and autonomous, echoing the party, Party Member of the Party and the community’s hard work, jointly build the social governance pattern of co-construction sharing. [Case link].