Learn to understand the boss’s voice

Learn to understand the boss’s voice

Once the boss and I have a personality, he first exaggerated my good performance, thinking that I can take on more heavy responsibilities, but also said that the recent downturn in the industry, the profits have been significantly greater than last year, and finally asked me if I am a department headWill layoffs be considered.

At that time, I was stunned, and immediately felt that I would not, because many colleagues were born and died together.

I remember the boss’s face changed a little bit. Later, my colleague was promoted to department head.

I only thought about it afterwards. The boss meant to lay off staff. If I didn’t use my personal feelings, but from the perspective of enterprise development, I would be promoted.

  With this lesson in mind, I thought a little bit more about things and started learning to listen to the words of my boss without breaking my own principle.

  The boss was going to Europe for a business trip. Before that, he asked me: Is it OK to communicate with foreigners in English?

Although I am not so confident in English, I understand the boss ‘s subtext is that if you can go to Europe with him, then of course I will say no problem. Sure enough, I got the opportunity to do business on this occasion.I will make it up when I go home.

  When we were in Italy with the boss, we visited some old customers. The boss was obviously attractive to one of the customers’ products, but the price was a little high.

He asked me in a consulting tone, and the answer I gave him was very good and worth buying.

In fact, I know that the boss has already made a decision to buy. He came to ask just to make sure. I must not disappoint him.

Sure enough, the boss cheerfully signed the contract with the company.

  Many times, listening to the boss’s words, contacting the words in front of him, and looking at his expression, you can know what his voice is.

This time I tasted the obedient sweetness-after returning home I was promoted to the position of director.