Nerve weakness, what to eat fast

Nerve weakness, what to eat fast

The treatment of neurasthenia, roughly combined with psychotherapy and drug treatment, is also known as the main treatment for neurasthenia.

So, is there any supplementary treatment?

Of course there are.

In this way, we will talk about the neurasthenic food therapy.

As the name implies, food is used as an adjuvant treatment.

What is the treatment of neurasthenia?

1, wheat and wheat have the role of raising the heart, benefiting the heart, especially suitable for neurasthenia, restlessness, insomnia, or crying and crying and menopausal patients.

2, milk and milk, also known as milk, sweet and flat.

Milk is an ideal food for treating neurasthenia and weak insomnia.

3, glutinous rice glutinous rice qi and blood, warm spleen and stomach, suitable for all physically weak people to eat, especially to cook porridge, or with red dates to cook the same porridge best, can nourish tonic, warm the five internal organs, benefit Qi and soothe the nerves,It is a good food for the treatment of neurasthenia.

4, jujube jujube in the folks often make blood food, can benefit Qi, nourish the heart, soothe the nerves, ancient doctors commonly used to treat neurasthenia, is one of the food choices for food treatment of neurasthenia.

Regular consumption of jujube is a headache for the weak and neurasthenic.

5, Tremella Tremella has kidney, lungs, Shengjin, refreshing, Qi, brain and other effects, can strengthen the brain and eliminate fatigue.