Weiquan, from Taiwan, was founded in 1953.

He and Master are both members of Ting Hsin Group.

Under 55 years of age, adhering to the mission of “professional talents, caring and pouring”, together with scholars, experts and consultants, they are committed to the innovation and research and development of products such as milk powder and nutrition products, and provide professional nutrition in all aspects according to the nutritional needs of all ages.

  Professional team, devoted to create In the field of infant nutrition, Weiquan has accumulated tens of thousands of professional nursing experience for infants and young children, a huge biotechnology research and development team and a complete group of scholars, experts and consultants, condensing the wisdom of many professional elites, includingProfessional infant nursing / clinical pediatric medicine / nutrition / food science / food processing / analytical chemistry and other fields.

Dozens of experts dedicated their efforts to researching the nutritional needs of Asian babies and caring for their health, so as to continuously create baby foods suitable for babies.

  ● For the first time in Taiwan, the concept of phased replacement of infants and toddlers was introduced to create a new era of infant and toddler replacement; ● It has obtained 3 patents for infant formula at home and abroad, which can be the first pilot; clinical verification, Weiquan S1 infant formula is the closestBreast milk composition, suitable for Chinese baby’s constitution; ● Participate in the designation of national standards for infant food in the People’s Republic of China, which shows professional attitude and nutrition authority.

  Weiquanyou + is a series of milk powders tailored for Chinese babies. It contains “Excellent + Smart Nutrition Group”, which can lay a good nutrition foundation for your baby’s intellectual development.

The new formula also adds PL phospholipids, which are the basic components of human brain cells and nerve cells. They can be connected in series with DHA, AA, etc. to form a smart nutrition group and play a role.

  Weiquanyou + unique smart nutrition group, specially added PL phospholipids, DHA, AA, choline, taurine, linolenic acid, linoleic acid, iron, zinc and other nutritional elements, balanced nutrition, fully support the baby’s brainDepartment development, so that your baby’s nutrition is better overall!

  PL phospholipids: can bring DHA, AA, etc. into the gray matter of the brain, effectively connect them in series and help them to function.

  DHA, AA: Microencapsulated DHA and AA, retaining nutritional value and product freshness.

  Choline: related to improving memory taurine: an important component of brain and retina development.

  Other important ingredients: Nucleotide: Promote the baby’s immune system function maturity, enhance the baby’s immunity Fructo-oligosaccharides (Bifidofactor): Maintain the balance of the micro-ecology in the body, help regulate physiological functions β-Carotene: Help the babyPhysical Development Zinc: Participates in the functioning of the body’s immune system Ferrous citrate: Supplements iron to help prevent iron deficiency anemia