Winter supplements for people with hyperlipidemia

Winter supplements for people with hyperlipidemia

Winter is coming, high blood pressure, diabetes, diabetes, stroke, coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction. How can people with these diseases be able to avoid another risk factor – hyperlipidemia?

We should start from all aspects to prevent hyperlipidemia.

1, regulate diet, control blood lipids.

Winter is a cold season, with less outdoor activities and winter tonic, which can easily lead to increased blood lipids.

It is recommended to eat cereals, beans, vegetables, fruits and eat less food containing animal waste and plasma in winter.

Winter tonic must be strictly controlled.

2, choose the time, aerobic exercise.

Experts advocate aerobic exercise, such as jogging, cycling, swimming, Tai Chi, can consume excess body fat, lower cholesterol, and effectively prevent the occurrence of high blood lipids.

Never exercise because of the cold winter.

3, adjust your mood, don’t be excited.

Winter sunshine is short and prone to depression or irritability.

Emotional stress, excessive excitement, can cause elevated blood lipids, which are not conducive to the prevention and control of blood lipids.

Therefore, we should pay attention to open mind and maintain a stable mood.

4, regular physical examination.

Regular physical examination can detect abnormal changes of blood lipids in time, make timely adjustments to your lifestyle, diet, etc., and can regularly monitor the treatment of hyperlipidemia.