Close the door,Yuanhuo in the hands,With a light sip,Yuan Huo goes around,Arranged a barrier in the courtyard。

As long as anyone comes here,He will feel it the first time,Won’t let things happen in the morning。
Take out Xiaotian now,Feel the aura flow on the sword again,That kind of overbearing and dedicated power,He is a perfect match。
Own this sword,Maybe he can really try it,will“One sword”The second formula,After all, except for realm,His body strength or something,Has far exceeded the scope of entering the holy realm。
As long as you can practice the second formula,Even if the Patriarch of the Tu Family appears,He also has the power to fight,At least be able to safely leave from the opponent。
Come just say,Changed a suit,Dressed up like a boss,Xia Chenglong leaves the courtyard,Walk towards the outside。
I deliberately ran into the housekeeper while passing through other places,And said to go to the company to handle some things,After all, it’s Tujia’s property。
The butler naturally nodded with joy,And told to pay attention to the body,Don’t be too tired。
Butler knows,Those who want to know his whereabouts will naturally know,This is the message he wants to convey。
The sky just darkened right now,Xia Chenglong went to the company honestly,The purpose is to condolences the comrades who are still working overtime。
The handsome young president came to condolences,For everyone, it is naturally a very happy thing,Everyone stood up and greeted。
Xia Chenglong returned to his office after a few brief words,And deal with some documents honestly。
Wait till ten o’clock,The people in the company are gone,Xia Chenglong looked up,When coming out of the changing room,It’s not what it was before。
I want to practice such a powerful sword move,Naturally he cannot be in Lingxiao City,The next two days,The Star Dou Forest outside Lingxiao City would be a nice place。
He works in the company other than the butcher,The people in the company thought he had left as before,So neither side will be suspicious。
And the Tujia will hold an ancestor worship ceremony,No one should remember his existence。