“head,Do we have a chance to come back?”Xiuxiu sitting next to me,She is also very depressed。

“Will do,Will definitely come back,I will take them home myself!”Li Dachuan said firmly,His eyes gradually became fierce,“Not going back to northern Xinjiang,Notify the other team members to leave immediately for southern Tibet,I want that land to never see any foreign mutant!”
Afternoon,Two amphibious transport helicopters lift off,Number thirty on the transport helicopter,Except Chen Du,Gan Ning’s other people who came to Lop Nur are on this helicopter。
Chen Du on another helicopter numbered forty,He finally failed to return to Ganning with Ning Beizhi,I need to go to the headquarters of the Beijing Special Affairs Bureau,Escort Kumiler and two other supernatural people from neighboring countries。Five backpacks filled with abyss swords and bamboo slips were also randomly escorted to Beijing.,Four Taoists go together。
Two helicopters took off,Inside the number thirty helicopter that took off previously,Wu Heng and a group of student soldiers sit in two rows opposite each other。
Two swords in his arms,Xu Wan、Gan Yifan、Wu Heng has three seats connected,The eyes of other student soldiers will come over from time to time,Curious again,Envy again。
Only one exception,Haoheng。
His mental gap is too big。
Ning Beizhi was among the first batch of student soldiers selected and brought over,Before the dragon appeared,His performance is the most striking among the three,The ability level increase is also the fastest。
At that time, he thought he would return to Ganning,Can clean up Gan Yifan。
result,Gan Yifan is here。
I rescued Xu Wan right after coming,Subsequent performance is more noticeable,In the limelight。He hasn’t had a chance to enter the abyss space to practice,Gan Yifan went in,What’s even more annoying is that the same batch of Xu Wan and the new Wu Heng also entered,But he can’t go in。
He was already extremely upset at that time,Even Ning Beizhi felt resentful。
The three people have gained from leaving the abyss,Wu Heng just got a knife,Not familiar after all,But Gan Yifan and Xu Wan are swords and bamboo slips,Also made great contributions,This is for him who is arrogant,Where can I stand it。
Soft and hard foam,Beg for nothing,He finally convinced Master Huang Kai to take him in to open his eyes。
He even deliberately went to Gan Yifan,Tell him he can go into the abyss。The result can be bad,The abyss is in,But got involved,Not much,Little life is almost unsafe,Finally, Gan Yifan came to the rescue。
Before leaving the abyss space,That was the biggest time he suffered,He stands behind the master,Several action team leaders in Jiangning Province gathered around Gan Yifan for a number。One is the focus of everyone,One is passerby,That kind of taste is awkward。
right now,Four seats connected together,The three people around him hold swords in their arms,And he holds his chest……
Those curious and jealous eyes,Nothing to do with him,He played the role of passerby again,But still sitting with a few protagonists,I want to kick open the hatch and jump down.。