The concept of TCM prevention of skin diseases

The concept of TCM prevention of skin diseases

In the process of summing up the experience of the working people in ancient times, Chinese medicine has long recognized the significance of prevention.

As early as in “The Yellow Emperor’s Canon”, the idea of preventive medicine has been put forward that “the disease has not been cured but the disease has not been cured”.

In addition to prevention, the ancients were easy to understand the conditioning and precautions after the illness.

The prevention of skin diseases is described as follows: Isolation and prevention of certain skin diseases, such as leprosy, syphilis, scabies, etc. The ancients have long recognized that it is contagious, so they are very aware of isolation and prevention to avoid infection.

For example, the Tang Dynasty has been equipped with a “Lenrenfang” to contain and isolate leprosy patients.

“Crazy Book of Mental Leprosy Twenty-one” said: “Wind is contagious, accidents often occur, but avoidance is also possible.

Different appliances, different diets, each bed and room.

“The Secret Record of Mycosis” also records: “Everyone is infected with this disease. Relatives have different diets and different devices.

“Everything highlights the importance of isolation and prevention.

  Pay attention to climate change Climate change will change the skin’s tolerance.

“Surgery Orthodoxy · Conditioning Notes Chapter 13” said: “When the sky is smooth again, if the summer heat sits and lie down, you can’t be the wind, and you should not put water under the bed; you must avoid the wind and cold.Depending on the cold, invasion often changes.

“It means that we must pay attention to adapting to changes in the natural climate in order to prevent the occurrence or exacerbation of diseases, whether in daily life or after the disease has occurred.

  The well-known emotional stability caused internal injuries caused by diseases. The ancients have long understood deeply, for example, “Su Wen · Lifting Pain” cloud: “Anger is upset, joy is slowed down, sadness is upset, and fear is downset.

“It shows that many diseases are caused by emotional changes.

Not only do you have to be emotionally stable, you also need to pay attention to this when you are sick.

Medical staff and relatives should also pay attention to patients’ emotions and not give them bad stimulation.

For example, “Surgical Essence · On Protecting the Legislative Law” said: “Especially do not give prescriptions indiscriminately.

“It is also recorded in medical books that patients are often unable to masturbate when they are in bed, and their relatives and friends must be comforted by them, and they should be bothered by family affairs and hurt their hearts, which is the protective medical system of modern medicine.

  The occurrence of skin diseases in diet should be closely related to the diet, and the diet’s avoidance is also a very important factor in the evolution and outcome of the disease.

As stated in “Surgery Authenticity · Miscellaneous Notes 14”: “After the sore has healed.

.Does not reduce taste, it will be sore after itching.

Generally speaking, fish, ducks, geese, fish, shrimp, crabs and other fishy things can move the wind and itch, so it should not be eaten when itching skin diseases, so onions, garlic, ginger, spicy, smokeWine and other hot products, for hot and humid skin diseases, it is advisable to eat less or not.

  Pay attention to rest and quiet People with certain diseases need proper rest and quiet environment.

“Surgical Essence” states: “It’s complicated to stop people around.

Never touch the utensils.

Bad sounds, arguing right and wrong, cursing and beating.

“It represents the quietness of the patient’s rest environment, which is important for recovery.

  Aware of physical exercise, the famous doctor of the Han Dynasty, Huaying, created the “five birds show” fitness exercise based on the principle of “flowing water does not rot, and households do not swell.”

It is pointed out that the human body can reduce the incidence of diseases and reduce the incidence of skin diseases through exercise, reset joints, and relieve qi and blood.

It is completely consistent with the significance of developing sports and enhancing people’s health.

  Not only does the ancient medical scientist highlight the prevention before the disease, but also recognizes that timely treatment is needed to prevent the disease from developing and spreading.

“Su Wen Ying Xiang Da Lun” said: “The evil wind is approaching, and the disease is like wind and rain, so the good ruler treats the fur, the second one treats the skin, the second one treats the muscles, the second one treats the five internal organs.

“It shows that external evils invade the human body and can enter the surface, from shallow to deep, and gradually make the disease worse.

Therefore, early diagnosis and timely treatment of the disease is needed to prevent its change.