Office MM One Day Complete Moisturizing Book


Office MM One Day Complete Moisturizing Book

If your face stays dry for a day, it will lose its inherent elasticity.

If it persists until the third day, it will cause tension, peeling, and accelerated pigmentation.

Drying for more than seven days will cause stains and build up toxins.

Once more than thirty days, various refractory stains, wrinkles, and skin aging will be accelerated for five years!

OLs who fight in the office desert every day, are you already nervous looking in the mirror?

  The OLs have noticed, is your face suffering from the erosion of the office desert?

Although the moisturizing work is carried out every day, how is the effect?

Hurry up to the last lesson and start fighting the office desert to the end today!

  If you do n’t want to be ashamed to go to work, get up at 7:00 am. You slept for more than eight hours. Although you used a moisturizing night cream last night, your skin still feels a bit dry. The simplest and most effective alternative is to drink a largeA glass of water allows the body to function again and promotes metabolism.

Use red jujube water instead of light and odorless boiled water. You only need to use ten to glutinous grains to transform a pot of sweet jujube water, and you won’t get fat if you drink it.

  The water for washing your face at 8:00 am should not be too hot, because it will accelerate the loss of skin and skin moisture.

After washing your face with a cleanser, toner and moisturizing lotion are also daily tasks.

If you have a makeup habit, applying a moisturizing cream before makeup will make the makeup look more durable.

  9:00 am to the company, the super air conditioner always makes you overwhelmed.
Pay attention to your face after watering the pot.

Seeing that the green potted plant above was gradually shrinking, I remembered that my skin was also drained.

At this time, the small moisturizing spray can relieve the anxiety, spray it directly on the skin, and pat it gently. A good moisturizing spray can fix the makeup effect on the makeup body.

If you buy a spray that is not nutritious enough, then it will not prevent you from doing it yourself. Replace the essential oil of rose with distilled water to make the best moisturizing spray.

  Of course, drinking plenty of water is definitely the best way to replenish moisture. It is cheap and easy, and the symptoms and the root cause are resolved.

  If you are hungry, you must avoid eating at 12:00. It is lunch time. Although you are not feeling hungry, your skin has become very thirsty.

If someone asks you to eat curry now, be sure to sayno, because spicy food loses a lot of water.

A refreshing business plan is a good choice. Studies have shown that eating a small amount of collagen can help the skin.

Collagen is the main component in skin, accounting for more than 71% of the protein content in skin cells.

Collagen makes the cells plump, which makes the skin plump and keeps the skin elastic and hydrated.

Collagen-containing foods are mainly skin, trotters, beef hoof tendons, and fresh fish.

At lunch, eat more of these foods, both to fill your stomach and absorb water from it.

Eat another orange after a meal, the effect is even better.

  The air conditioning at 3:00 pm allows the moisturizing spray to continue to work. It can strengthen “watering” and highly effective moisturizing gel in highly dry areas such as the corners of the mouth, between the eyebrows and the corners of the eyes.

  It ‘s better to go home and drink soup at 7:00 pm. Finally, you can finish work. If there is no need to entertain, then go home early and enjoy the nourishing soup from the mother.Go halfway.

     Essentials for skin care at night: It is best to take care of your skin before 10:00 pm, because the skin cells are most active between 11pm and 2am.

After enjoying a totally relaxing shower, skin care is officially started.

Cleanse the face first, then use a gentle gentle exfoliating cream to expel the aging horny face (once a week).

  Then, you can spend half an hour to make a deep moisturizing mask, while taking a sip of black tea with two slices of lemon comfortably, flip through your favorite fashion magazine.

After washing the mask, use a cleansing cotton moistened with toner and apply it on the face carefully. The consequences of aging are not to be forgotten.

  After completing these skin conditioning steps, dry skin can be moisturized and wrinkle-removing lotion; OL who wants to lighten pigment spots can be gently massaged with natural beauty cosmetics with a high VC content; finally, apply softening cream or moisturizing soft skinNight cream; if it is oily skin, you can extend the stay time of the deep-fat-free facial milk in the shell, so that the oil and dust are completely removed from the pores.

For sensitive skin, it is recommended to change the exfoliation process once a week to once every two weeks.

  11:00 pm Skincare homework is finally done. Light up an essential oil lamp, put on two drops of your favorite sweet orange essential oil, and prepare to enter the dreamland comfortably. Tomorrow will be another “fight” day!