Saw Lena fall,Rui Mengmeng ran over worriedly,And this time,Xin Zhao launched his own attack without hesitation。

‘Rui Mengmeng、OUT!’
Lena is desperate,Think maid outfit,Think about the humiliation received today,Lena thinks she can only explode this planet,Is what I should do。
“Cute,I was going to cheat Xin Zhao over,Why are you fooled!”Looking at Rui Mengmeng who cares about herself,Lena felt a little better,But the next second,She saw Xin Zhao grinning there。
That feeling disappeared immediately“Xin Zhao,I’m still not your goddess anymore,I just fell to the ground,Why don’t you come to see me the first time,Don’t you worry about what will happen to me!
You really let me down,starting today,You ignore me,I want to sever relationship with you,Three days!”
Looking at Lena who said she wanted to kill her,Xin Zhao not only felt no pain,I want to laugh。
“Sister Lena,You don’t want to say nothing!”
Lena’s face was after Xin Zhao said this,Immediately embarrassed,But her face is not as white,Just casually ran to Qilin and Qiangwei’s side。
“Rest assured,I won’t make it difficult for you,Maid outfit is also a serious maid outfit,There will never be any exposed flesh!”Xin Zhao is very serious,There was a light called faith in his eyes。
(Maid costume is justice!)