“Improve your strength when you are fine!”Leo looks at Seacoen。“I’m afraid you won’t even be able to hold my foot someday,Kicked to death by me!”

West Cohen:……
The touch just now because of Leo’s life essence disappeared without a trace.。
Made,I was moved a bit。
I should have known that Leo had no good intentions,I was just afraid that I was too weak to be kicked to death by him。
Can’t help but touch my ass,Can’t escape Leo’s magical feet?
“how?You are not moved?”Leo asked。
“Dare to move,Dare to move!”
A few people chatted,Simply explain your work。
The Chamber of Commerce does not actually have any special main tasks,It only takes a dozen ships to escort the monster,Hundreds of people。
Most of the rest were sent out by Leo to inquire about news,Or do some tasks he posted。
Seen quickly took the essence of life to practice。
It is difficult for ordinary people to maximize the essence of life,The key to a breakthrough in this approach,A super large life essence is undoubtedly more effective。