What are the characteristics of depression?

What are the characteristics of depression?

Nowadays, people’s life pressure is so well known, and many friends do not know how to solve them when facing these pressures, so it is easy to cause depression.

However, because the symptoms are not obvious in the early stages of depression, in order to find the disease in time, it is necessary to know in detail what is the manifestation of mild depression.

In fact, depression is not just a matter of human psychology. It will affect people’s physiology and emotions, seriously affecting people’s normal life, and affecting our communication, making our interpersonal relationship very poor., which leads to some irreparable damage.

Sudden onset of temporary temporary depression, if there is no effective treatment, the symptoms will last for weeks, months, and even years, the symptoms include: First, emotional depression, sadness, bitterness, lack of interest, not happy,But some people will be restless, irritable, and even hostile.

Second, cognitive and ideological pessimism, gray will, incompetence, hopelessness and helplessness, self-blame, death, suicidal ideation, slow thinking, sin and self-punishment delusions and illusions.

Third, the physiological interest is reduced, the appetite is reduced, the sleep is hindered, and the physical strength is lowered.

Fourth, behavioral speech is less and the pitch is low, the speed is slow, the movement is less and slower, and the dementia is serious, but sometimes there are radical behaviors or even suicidal behaviors.

In many cases, minor complications of “depression” such as fatigue, insomnia, upset stomach, persistent headaches and back pain may be misunderstood as other diseases.

The medical profession has not yet studied the main causes of this disease, but has found many related factors, such as imbalance between certain chemicals in the brain and the body; some people in genetics are more susceptible to depression; and some unpleasant in lifeThings or diseases affect the state of mind and may also cause depression.

In summary, you should understand what is the manifestation of mild depression. If you feel that your lover or friend has similar symptoms during normal times, you may wish to use some test questions for depression.Testing, if it is found that it is indeed implanted with mild depression, timely treatment with him is the most correct choice.