“All right。”Li Yun speaks out to stop,“Hong Liu,You don’t want to be high-sounding,Just say what you want to do?”

“Let the mortal kid leave a soul mark on this,Right when I am Hong Liu Wang open side,Leave immediately。”Dongfang Hongliu is talking,Took out a delicate scroll from his arms,Hula to expand,It’s a page of almost transparent silk cloth,There are faintly moving patterns on it。
Liyun Guanzhi,Discoloration,This is a special booklet used by Donghua Palace to record key suspicious persons,Name‘Juhunlu’,Originally only for suspects who committed major crimes,Later, it was expanded to all criminals who committed rapist crimes,With the destruction of the ancestor mainland,This notorious booklet expands the scope of application,Suspected objects suspected of harm to the imperial court、Suspected unfaithful,As well as foreign visitors。
Dongfang Hongliu is bold,Dare to take out this booklet in broad daylight,Is the most direct insult to the Five Elements Island,So confident,Could something really happen to Tianzun??
Li Yun hasn’t spoken yet,The people around you are already scolding,Dongfang Hongliu ignored,Hold high‘Juhunlu’Disdain Liyun,It depends on how you respond。
This time,Hong Liu hasn’t waited for a day or two,If it weren’t for Old Man Na Luo’s face, he left early,In front of the Mingyang Palace, such humiliation of the Five Elements Island is second,He even wanted to take advantage of this great opportunity to win Liyun in one fell swoop,Fang Jie’s repeated humiliation。
Li Yun’s eyes quickly cooled,Da Hong’s robe moves without wind,Hunting,Infuriated,The whole portrait is ready to go、A spear that can pierce the opponent’s heart at any time。
“How are you?Could it be that you dare to attack the imperial court order officer?”Dongfang Hongliu took a big step back from this shock,But the mouth is still as hard as a bone that a dog can’t chew。
Dongfang Hongliu dared to be so arrogant,Because of the official position of the Holy Emperor,In the imperial court,There are not many titles and official positions that can be admired by the Holy Emperor,King of heaven、Lord of palaces and halls,And heads of ministries,Equivalent to officials of rank two or three in the mortal court,The remaining officials are appointed by the heads of ministries,It’s just filing with the Royal Court,The same goes for every palace and hall。
Even though Liyun is Huo Tianzun’s pro-accompaniment,Chief of the Five Elements Palace,The status is much higher than Dongfang Hongliu in Donghua Palace,But in the imperial court,But not as good as Dongfang Hongliu,Although this servant is only a low-rank official,But it’s a royal business,Hide in the dark and do some salty things that others can’t hide,That’s why I got a royal title。
“Fuck you!”A thunder blasted from everyone’s heads,A figure fell straight from the air like a hammer,It smashed between Li Yun and Dongfang Hongliu with a boom,Actually smashed the big hard rock in the square,The shaking square,The hall creaked and trembled,A black body stood proudly on the spot like a javelin,Straighter than Liyun,But his face is unexpectedly beautiful and handsome,Turned out to be a young man。
“Lihuo,Do you dare to insult the officer?”Dongfang Hong six-finger black youth hate,It’s just that the voice is not as strong as before,He is quite jealous of this person,Shicai took another three steps,Set back again,My heart is a little weak。
“What a shit officer are you?Believe it or not I beat you to death with three punches?”
“Lihuo,Don’t talk nonsense。”Li Yun screamed,Cry secretly,I don’t know how this reckless guy came out,Things have become very sensitive,Tangled up,Being mixed up again by this stuff,I’m afraid it’s hard to be kind,Huo Tianzun and Uncle Qiu are not here now,No one on the island can cure him,Can only do,Obedient。
Liyun,Lihuo are brothers,Are all Huo Tianzun’s nephews,Got great opportunities in the former holy fire temple,God can cultivate strong,Strength,Better than fire,Can definitely be ranked in the top five in the Five Elements Palace。
The brothers have a big difference in age,Personality is also completely different,Liyun Wisdom、steady、Good plan,And straight from the fire、irritable,Initiate,Both my torches are afraid of him,So often get into trouble,Always be fined to the forbidden ground,But today I don’t know how to escape from the forbidden area。
“Liyun,Did you hear?This fellow insulted the official,Regarding the holy emperor as shit,Could it be that your Five Elements Palace wants to rebel?”
“As a current official,And don’t talk nonsense,You said the holy emperor as a shit,Not my brother said,Give the Five Elements Palace the hat of rebellion,You can think clearly?”
Liyun retorted loudly,While paying attention to his brother’s facial expressions,But it’s hard to tell if this reckless guy will go crazy,When to go crazy。
“Did you hear,Bros?The truth was told by the official,Guilty,Tried to threaten me to wait,let’s go,When the time comes, Tianzun Huo will come to Donghua Palace to make it clear。”Dongfanghong sees a quarrel、Fighting can no longer take the lead,Retreat,If you leave the scene, you will leave。