The home in the compound is fundamental,He is too anxious,Li Tianchou kept sweating on his forehead,I can’t wait to slap myself。I just hope this time difference can make up for the loophole,Did Zhang Zhiqiang say‘It’s too early’What??Just comfort yourself like this。

Li Tianchou launched a motorcycle,But by this time Wu Fang was already awake,It saves the trouble of binding。
“My grass,Why are you like this?It really exploded just now?”Wu Fang rubbed the back of his head,Still a little confused。
“Exploded。”Li Tianchou casually agreed,Both arms picked up Wu Fang and placed it in the back seat of the motorcycle。“Ah yo,You tap,I broke my leg。”Wu Amplified Call,Painful cold sweat。
“sorry,In a hurry。”Li Tianchou also stepped into the car,Turn around,“Hold me tight。”
“My day,Don’t get the bullet holes in your body?My life is gone in a while。”Wu Fang said that,But still grinning and hugged Li Tianchou,He knows what the other party is worried about,“Oh shit,Like tap water,I’ll help you block a little。”
“Thanks。”Li Tianchou can’t care about talking,A twist of the handlebar,The motorcycle screamed and rushed out。
Even though Wu Fang’s buttocks were constantly pierced by the raised steel bars in the back seat,He can only endure,But I still couldn’t hold back one problem,He asked loudly,“That fool who claims to be my brother?”
“Cheated。”Li Tianchou never looked back,The speed of the motorcycle instantly increased to a terrifying point,The harsh roar of the engine has drowned out all the surrounding noises。
“Cheated?”Wu Fang’s ears are surprisingly good,I heard these three words clearly,I just didn’t figure out what it meant。Then he has no interest in asking questions,Li Tianchou is crazy,Motorbikes follow crazy,He used all his strength to resist the pain of a broken leg,Teeth bite out blood,I can’t even make room for cursing。
Fortunately, this hellish torture didn’t last long,Under Crazy Li’s full effort,From the north to the south,It only took ten minutes。The motorcycle seems to fall apart,There was a rattling noise everywhere,The destination is here,Li Tianchou stopped suddenly。
“What’s up?Why parking?”Wu Fang is strange。
“Is your phone still on?”Li Tianchou suddenly remembered to call Zhu Lei to try。
Wu Fang took out his phone but was dumbfounded,I don’t know when the machine has collapsed in my pocket,Okay,The battery did not explode。