As long as there is a child, there must be no one.。”

Zhao Xiaoling said like this,Zhao Xiaoli is also sighing。
road:“That is telling you.,Not my sister, don’t want,Nor isn’t your brother-in-law?,It is your sister’s seed.,Our village said that I hook a man hooked.,Then I was broken, I know,Our village said that I will not lower my egg, I also know,But if you say that I don’t bear it, let your brother-in-law bear?”
“sometimes,The man is smoothed than a woman.,Don’t look at your sister, there is no such thing.,His self-esteem is actually stronger。”
Zhao Xiaoling also heard Zhao Xiaoli to say these words.,At the same time, I know that my sister may be really falling in love with Liu Dafu.。
When Zhao Xiaoli married past,She also knows that Zhao Xiaoli is facing tears.,The tears are not left to parents.,It’s flowing to her.,The flow to Zhao Xiaoshan and her。
That kind of grievance,That suppress,She now thinks that I feel sorry for this big sister.。
But now I see this big sister.,For that, it is more important than her big man.,I don’t know how to comfort my sister for a while.。
“sister,Technology is so developed now,You go to the hospital with your sister to see,Affirmation。”
“Um,Don’t worry about this.,If you really give up the little wind, your sister is ready to introduce you.,Take later you can pick up your eyes.。”
“sister,Can you make me slowly??
I just said to give up,You will give me a man.?
I am a big girl who can’t marry??”
For Zhao Xiaoli, this kind of hate can not marry the heart.,Zhao Xiaoling also felt a speechless。
“Hey-hey,You are not married,But the years are not forgiving.,You are twenty-eighth nine,The person who is running with thirty,If you don’t marry it, you have a old girl.。”
“Bamboo!Xiaoling sister wants to marry it.?
Do you want big brothers to introduce you??
Guarantor,Money more。”
Come to see people,Zhao Xiaoli and Zhao Xiaoling are all disgusting。
The seventh hundred and ninety-second chapter killed alone
Zhao Pengyu just sent it to Shen Tianzi,It’s quiet to get this pair of sisters.。
After all, today’s things make him damage face,So he also sent home in the village.。
But there are still many people who are surrounding Li Hui Feng asking the pig farm.。
He is naturally inserted by his security big captain.,I will enjoy the two girls’ dialogue with two sisters.。
He didn’t listen to the front,When he is approaching,It is what I heard Zhao Xiaoli can’t have children.,At the same time, I also heard what I want to find an object to Zhao Xiaoling.。
This makes him immediately like a eyebrow。
Zhao Xiaoli’s husband is not,He,Think about Zhao Xiaoli dressing on weekdays, the heat sexy,He understood it in an instant.,Isn’t this a clear man in seduce??
It’s just that no one has dare to go.。
He did it before,But afterwards, Zhao Xiaoli did not alarm,Just as you don’t have,It’s not a typical default??
Zhao Pengyu is now a little regret,Why can’t you really have a little more,Maybe I am really awkward.,Not how。
It is more likely to say that it is really getting together.,I will like him.,After all, he is normal man.,Think of Zhao Xiaoli’s body,The face,There is also the scent,He can’t help but want to pay it again.。
“hehe,unnecessary,I didn’t expect Zhao Zunchang, I still like it.?”
Zhao Xiaoli looked at Zhao Pengyu that did not hide the wolf.,I can’t help but have some fear in my heart.。
“Hey-hey,Xia Li,I am telling it.,I know that there is a lot of money.。”
“I am also really good.,My sister does not need Zhao Dawu Chang.。”
Say,Zhao Xiaoli took Zhao Xiaoling to the side of Li Hui,She is somewhat scared by Zhao Pengyu。
That feels the colorful wolf。
Li Hui also didn’t expect the second child and suddenly came to find him.,He just can give some things to Zhao Xiaoli.,After all, Zhao Xiaoli will be used as a manager of this pig farm.,He is a handwear shop.。
As for Zhao Xiaoling, he also let the other party follow Zhao Xiaoli.。