“You look like the mirror,Look at my smile?,Are you going to have other plans in the village??”

“Hey-hey,Of course,As long as they come here,That value is not just that is so simple.,May billions,Even hundreds of billions may,After all, they are all professors of the big level.,Just take the point of scientific research results are worth 10 million。”
All the way,Xu Ruzhen also said with Li Hui Feng smile,At the same time, I also understand that some of Li Hui’s plans.。
For Li Hui’s intention,Xu Ruzhen also agreed,Looking at the face with confident smile,Xu Ruzhen is also a bit embarrassed。
I first saw the other party or a very inconspicuous little farmer,Later, it’s a sunny boy in the sunshine.,No one thought that a big man has risen so much in such a short time.。
Even she didn’t think she would be with Li.。
I have to say that all this is fate.。
When I returned to the orchard,In the afternoon,Li Hui also took out the new year and then made a full table with a table with a full table.。
Two people finished lunch,It is also rushing towards the county.。
Before the villa to Jiang Yuwan,I saw that Li Hui’s skilled, took out the key.,Xu Ruzhen is also curious。
After all, she was also rich in the county.,But I want to say that I am really can’t afford to buy a villa.。
Li Hui’s first in the hospital,Some are some。
Originally, he also worried that the flowers in the yard were frozen or frost.,The result is still green。
Even with weeds,It’s a wonderful scene that can be seen in the winter.。
It is simply to grow against the sky.。
Immediately,Li Hui Feng also quickly packed up,At the same time,Introduce Xu Ruzhen。
One afternoon time,Under the help of Xu Ruzhen,Finally, it is clean and net of the whole villa.。
Those flowers and grass plums are also trimming.。
After everything is finished,The sky is dark。
If it is not a call,Li Hui has forgotten that there is also a gay at night.。
“Sister,Do you want to go with me??”
“Can’t,I will not go back today.,I also have to see my good friends.。”
Said that the joyful laughed looked at Li Hui,Facing Xu Ruzhen’s eyes,Li Hui Feng feels some uncomfortable。
“Sister,Why do you look like this??”
“Gill you talk to me, how much is the kind of life in your hand?,I am going to give my friend.,After all, it is so late.,I have n’thing to buy.。”
I heard Xu Ruzhen said so.,Li Hui Feng is also a breather。
“Hey-hey,姐 想,When there is。”
Say,He took out a small jade bottle like the wind, and put it in the hands of the wind.。
“Sister,This is no diluted,If you take the other party,Remember a drop,If you drink more,May not sleep all night。”
“Gigbling,You are not afraid that my friend is a man.?”
Xu Ruzhen said that Li Hui felt a little fun.。
“Hey-hey,What is the man??