Creating a featured benefit to help rural rejuvenation (commentator observation)

  It is only possible to combine the native style and characteristic culture and modern tourism demand. It is a good practice of rural economy and is a good practice of revitalizing the countryside. In recent years, from Beijing Huairou District, the reward method is promulgated, and the level of grade standards have enabled all kinds of rural budgets to emerge, to Zhejiang Ruian City strengthen policy incentives, activate investment mains, promote the development of the people in the industrial cluster, and encourage development policies. Promote the healthy and orderly development of rural areas.

  As a non-standard accommodation, the country is designed, the decoration pays attention to personality, in service, experience emphasizes people’s taste, so that visitors are more likely to feel warm, comfortable and relaxed. In recent years, the domestic surrounding tour, especially rural tour, becoming a lot of people traveling and leisure.

Data show that this year’s "May 1" holidays, a tourist travel service platform rural category is over 220% year-on-year, and the growth rate is more than the hotel. When rural tourism gradually became a new trend, how to do this important experience of rural people, stimulate a greater development kinetic energy in the rural tourism market, become a new topic. Country Homestay is different from traditional hotels, guesthouses, also different from general farm music.

In addition to hardware facilities, basic services, the cultural traits contained in the countryside, the wind and soil contained, is the value of tourists.

A building stands in the countryside, not just adjusting the body, letting the soul, and observes the natural changes and feels important windows in rural culture.

Fujian Xiamen’s red brick, Anhui Huangshan’s powder wall DV … Those rural budgets that reserved local traditional textures and considering the modern life needs, compliant natural landscape pattern, highlighting the rural isas, so it is more likely to attract tourists to call. It can be said that there is a scientific planning, carefully designed, reasonable construction to show the country style, fully meet the scenery of tourists, and the close-up appeal is the inevitable choice of the integration of the hometown of the country, realization and local ecology and cultural coordination.

  Let the featured people brighten the beautiful countryside, inseparable from a variety of diverse business models, should be required to change.

No matter which type of rural budget, it can actually rely on unique nature, human resources advantage, enrich the tourist experience, and innovate personalized tourism services. In Yunnan Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, tourists follow the guests of the home and B & B enjoy the beauty of the northwestern view, you can also draw the Tibetan wooden bowl, do a tofu; in Zhejiang Huzhou, many rural people not only supply local cuisine, but also provide fruit picking, Hiking, tourism photography, etc. Experience project … The development practice of rural people shows that only the local style, characteristic culture is organically combined with modern tourism demand, so that the country’s home is more people, so that tourists travel more memory.

  "The B & B has complementary local development.

No country’s overall revitalization, there is no sustainable development.

"A village-breakfast is in the inner contact of the two. There is a plan. It is planned to introduce capital, and the talent will develop a rural budget. It can better promote rural tourism consumption, and stimulate the vitality of rural development. In strengthening planning, improving supporting facilities, improving service level, strengthening normative management, etc., providing more targeted support and assistance for homestay, promoting rural tourism into an important engine for rural rejuvenation.

  The development of the countryside, the modern people are far away from the hustle and bustle, getting close to nature, find the pursuit of the township, and have a fulcrum of rural tourism.

Looking forward to the future countryside and bourmed industry, continue to dig all the local ecological, cultural resources, better meet the personalized and diversified consumer demand of tourists, so that farmers share more industry value-added benefits, and inject new vitality into the country.