“Haha,My hometown is a beautiful place,‘Baishuihu’Did Brother Wright hear about this place??”The man named Curton has a talkative inconsistent with a serious appearance。

“Baishuihu,let me see,Is it from Han’o County, Gesa Province?。。。”
“father、father,You never leave after we go home, right??!”Little girl sitting on father,“Our family will live together in the future, OK??!”
“Yes Yes Yes,My little baby”Curton obviously loves his daughter very much,By the way, give Wright an apologetic look。
Kirton,Seventh-level fighter,Three-level wind magician,Former adventurer,A well-known archer master,have“Silent Arrow”The title。He is a strong man who has earned enough gold to return to his hometown to get married,Ok,Although his daughter is six this year。
Comfort your baby girl,Curton and Wright also continue to chat,The special white fish from Baishui Lake, the hometown of Curton, will have a strange light after cooking,Go to Wright to talk about iced snacks in the Northland;From the warrior’s force skills,To the self-cultivation of the magic archer。
The two are close in strength,They are both sunny and talkative,They are also warriors, magicians and foodies,Nature talks very happily。
Suddenly someone yelled on one side of the caravan。
“Be careful,There are robbers!”
“Is a thief,Everyone be careful of your goods!”
“son,Be careful,People safe is good。”
“All my goods are gone,Woo woo,Going bankrupt!”
“It’s ok,I’m bankrupt to support you!”
“Dear,You are so kind to me,But I am a man。”