Xia Jian walked to the door,Stop again,Deliberately asked softly:“what do you mean?“

“Mayor Xia!Don’t pretend,He Shuicheng can’t hide this time,He went to the city today。What is he going to do,Don’t need me to say you should know“Li Dongmei sneered and said。
I can’t say this anymore,If you continue to talk about it, it might reveal your stuff。Xia Jian glanced at Li Dongmei,Whispered:“Sister Li!Good people have good luck,I go first“
When Li Dongmei recovers,,Xia Jian has walked to the middle of the yard,Even if she wants to make any tricks, it’s too late。use this opportunity,Xia Jian walked out of the door of He Shuicheng’s family a few steps。
When he looks back,Li Dongmei is standing in the middle of the yard。She was in a daze,Look at a loss。
When Xia Jian returned to his big ben,There are a few naive children,Playing in the car,When they saw Xia Jian,Just run around。
Xia Jian opened the car door,Just getting in the car。Suddenly an old voice came from behind:“Are you Mayor Xia?I heard you say that you are an upright official“
Xia Jian surprised,He snapped his head back,I found an old man with white hair standing behind him,It looks like,This old man is at least 80 years old。May be the reason for being too old,When the old man speaks,Keep shaking his head,Even the body is shaking slightly。
Xia Jian hurriedly stepped forward,He held the old man’s hand and said:“Old man,I’m Xia Jian, the mayor of Pingyang Town,What do you do?“
“I heard that you did a fair job for the He Wang family in our village,That’s why I came to you at the risk,I don’t know if you dare to care about this?“Hoarse voice,But speak clearly。
A few old people chatting in the village also gathered around,Xia Jian can’t talk when he sees this situation。He lowered his voice and said to the old man:“Old man,You see, talking here is not very convenient,You do!You get in my car,I take you to town,Let’s finish talking,I’ll send you back“
Although the old man is getting older,But he understands the truth。When he heard Xia Jian say this,So happy to get into the car。
“Old man,You from behind,This is the driving position,Is for driving“Xia Jian is smiling,Sat the old man in the back row。Can see,The old man is so old,I shouldn’t ride in a car like this much,Otherwise he won’t sit in the driving seat。
As soon as the car starts,The old man laughed,He smiled and said:“I am eighty-five this year,This is the first time to ride in a high-class car like you,And the mayor drove for me,interesting“
Looking at the old man happy,Xia Jian was happy to bloom。