“Thank you,Yellow Bureau!”

“Don’t you kid don’t be too busy to thank me。As far as i know,Li Lili and her mentor were originally the top biologists in the United States,Now they all ran to Hong Kong Island suddenly,The US CIA has already sent people to Hong Kong Island to investigate your laboratory,Be careful yourself。”
Chen Xiu hung up Huang Nanguo’s call,I received a call from Li Lili right away,Very worried:“Chen Xiu,Come here soon,Something happened to the lab!”
Chen Xiu’s heart throbbed,Come here if you don’t worry!
“Don’t worry,What the hell happened?”
“The laboratory was stolen!”
You know the laboratory is arranged in the villa on the outskirts of Osheng,Ou Sheng arranged a large number of manpower for security,Don’t talk about ordinary thief,Many societies on the underworld cannot be approached。
This is definitely not an ordinary theft!
“Did you call the police??”
The content of the experiment is top secret,Li Lili naturally does not want police intervention。
“Just don’t call the police,I’ll go right away。”