Summer heat loss weight loss-corn beard herbal tea

Summer heat loss weight loss-corn beard herbal tea

After many people eat corn, they throw away their whiskers.

In fact, this is very wasteful. The use of corn to make herbal tea not only saves money and benefits, it can reduce heat and reduce temperature, but also has the effect of weight loss.

  The efficacy of corn must be mostly in traditional Chinese medicine. Corn must be called dragon’s beard.

Summer heat is heavy, corn must be able to cool blood, purging fever, can also eliminate the hot and humid gas in the body, and diuretic, swelling, is a good weight loss drink.

  After boiled, you can directly kill the corn leaves to open and remove the whiskers.

Because corn is covered with corn husks during the growth process, the corn must absorb nutrients, so the corn must contain sugars, vitamins and other nutrients.

Then, the corn must be cleaned and boiled in a pot for six or seven minutes, then boiled to a yellow color.

  If you want to drink sweetened tea in the sun, you can put a bit of rock sugar in the corn whisker tea and drink it. The sweet smell of corn.

It can be stored in the refrigerator for a day or two.

  If the work is particularly busy and you don’t have time to cook, you can also dry it, put it in a cup after drying, replace it with boiling water, and the effect is the same.