“Damn!sister,I said it was all right,Just some work,Don’t worry,I can handle it myself。”Summer pretending to say easily。

After I finished talking, I still looked worried about my sister in the summer.,This is the moment,Pretend to be upset:“sister,I have grown up,I’m not the kid who knows nothing,Do not worry,I can handle my own affairs!”
Xia Qing said that when Xia Qing said,I know my sister has made up her mind and doesn’t want to talk to her,So I had to say:“Since you don’t want to say it, forget it,But you have to remember,If it can’t handle it,Just tell sister,do you know?Don’t force yourself!”
In the summer, I heard the heartwarming words of sister,I feel a warm current rippling in my heart,And the eyes seem to be misted。
Because I don’t want to cry at this time,Just say:“OK,I got it,Really wordy!Hurry up to eat!”
Finished,I quickly picked up the bowls and chopsticks and ate quickly。
Xia Qing looked at such a strong sister,Also shook his head secretly,Forget it,Leave her alone,Now that my sister is in this city,Also has a job,Then she should learn to handle her own affairs,After all, I can’t be by her side forever。
Sighed,I had to pick up the bowls and chopsticks to eat,And smiled awkwardly at Xiao Fan。
Xiao Fan knows what Xia Qing meant,But he didn’t think about such a thing,On the contrary, even though Xia Qing’s family has no money,,But family affection,Compared with Lin Yuner and her uncles,Ugh!How can those people in the Lin family be called uncles?!
Xia Qing’s mother also picked a piece of summer favorite fish into the summer bowl,Said:“Mom doesn’t understand your business,But every day mother believes in you,But you have to remember what your sister said,Once you can’t handle it,You must tell my sister in time!”
In the summer, I just managed to adjust my emotions and I was told by my mother,It turned out to be uncomfortable again。
“OK OK,I know!”In addition to this sentence in summer,I don’t seem to know what to say at this time。
A little girl is a little girl,In a while,I feel better again in summer,The laughter at the dinner table also continued。
at this time,An untimely knock on the door rang。
After a few people looked at each other briefly,Xia Qing stood up from her seat,Said:“I’ll open the door!”
After speaking, he quickly walked to the door。
After opening the door,Xia Qing has a look,Turned out to be a man in a suit and leather shoes,“Who are you looking for?”Because Xia Qing didn’t know,So ask politely。