“That’s why the rest of you pull this girl a few times,Just slap a few times,And apologize to others!”

Qin Feng’s breath eased,Speak directly。
If he really drives these people to death,Counterattack,With his current physical fitness, he really can’t resist。
The girl has an incredible look,Watching all of them bow their heads to admit their mistakes,Self-slapped bastard。
She was originally a commoner,Otherwise I won’t come to drive a taxi。These bastards are the only ones who bully them on weekdays,How can I make them apologize in such a low voice?
A trace of tears flashed in the girl’s eyes,I’m so relieved today。
Let go,The law enforcement officer came。The bald man was honestly handcuffed away,But his eyes seemed to eat Qin Feng。
What if he calls Wu Kun,An unknown person,How could Qin Feng be afraid of him?
The surrounding crowd gradually dispersed,Qin Feng turned his head and looked at a girl。I saw the girl’s eye circles were slightly red,Qin Feng didn’t know where the courage came from,Gently for the girl,Wipe away tears:
“it is good,It’s ok,It’s all over!Are you still soliciting?

Seems to be amused by Qin Feng’s clumsy movements,The girl chuckled:
“Of course,Maybe you are the last customer in my driver’s career!”
“Nacheng,Sister, please go to the middle school in this city if you have time!”
Qin Feng’s familiar smile,Squeeze yourself into the co-pilot。
Qin Feng’s very uncomfortable expression,It made the girl laugh again。A moment later,The car starts slowly。