“Grassy,Two people dare to be so arrogant!”

The younger brother behind Wang Fan relies on the crowd,Obviously you can’t lose to the opponent in momentum,Even more angry, roll up your sleeves and step forward to fight,Noisy,Arrogant,But no one dared to cross the dividing line in the middle of the big round table。
Before, everyone did not carry any weapons according to the rules of the arena,There is a body search when entering the venue。But some people still get through,One of the strong men tied a small pistol on the inner thigh,At this moment the positive is uncomfortable about to move。
Li Tianchou has sharp eyes,I saw something was wrong right away,He waved his hand to stop Qi Baozhu from further madness。“Boss Wang,If you really want to negotiate,Always show some sincerity。You can’t push six, two, five like you did.,Double-sided light。At least two things,You must give me a clear answer,Otherwise we will come。”
Wang Fan also reached out his hand to stop the clamoring crowd behind him,But in my heart, if I do Li Tianchou at this time, I have a chance of winning.,A dozen people deal with two,There is an ambush outside the door,If you still can’t get it,It’s a joke。It’s just that Yuxing and others are troublesome,Zhu Lei、You Shilong,There is another one named Zhang Wen,It’s damn good,It’s not a small disaster。Suddenly Ahao’s tragedy flashed in his mind again,Wang Fan couldn’t help the cold sweat on his palm。
Chapter Three Hundred and Ninety Nine acting
Wang Fan temporarily suppressed thoughts about to move,And slowly picked up the teacup,“Since Brother Li’s time is precious,I’ll just say it straight。Let’s beg for food in Fushan,There will inevitably be some misunderstandings and frictions,This is normal。But I don’t approve of looking at these small things under a magnifying glass,After all, harmony is expensive,It doesn’t make much sense to find out what is right and wrong。So i have enough sincerity,The losses in the field some time ago will no longer be held accountable。Let’s drink this cup of tea,Live in harmony from now on,Make a fortune together,This is my idea。”
Li Tianchou sat motionless,My eyes gradually narrowed into a slit,What the other party said just now made him disgusting,I even want to rush over and slap his big mouth right and left。Unexpectedly, the skin is extremely thick,But it can also become a supernatural power,“Boss Wang is very pretty,The abacus is also fine,It’s a pity that Li is not so free and easy。Yuxing has always been infamous, it should be thanks to you。What’s the matter with Ahao?Where is Feng Biao’s family??This is your brother,Won’t be so forgetful?”
“Ahao?”Wang Fan exclaimed,And the expression is extremely exaggerated,“You have news of this idiot?I thought Feng Biao had lost his grudge with Boss You,Later I realized that he was fooled by him。I’m looking for him everywhere,If Brother Lee knew,I hope I can give you some advice。”
“enough!”Li Tianchou is full of blood,He slapped the table,Furious,“Wang Fan,If you want to act, please find another place。But I leave it here,Hand over Feng Biao’s family in one day,Otherwise at your own risk。”Talking,He stood up and glanced at Qi Baozhu and wanted to leave。
The muscles at the corners of Wang Fan’s mouth are twitching,The fingers holding the tea cup are also shaking slightly,But not because of anger and timidity,But high tension。Spent so long on the road,There are not many scenes where you are still indecisive,Maybe it’s because of long-term pampering,Or maybe it was Yuxing’s crazy style that made him timid,In short, this determination is difficult。
The younger brother on the side was watching Wang Fan’s expression nervously,And the big guy who hid the pistol is slowly shrinking behind the crowd,A big restless hand has reached into the waist。
The door of the private room suddenly opened without warning,Near the door even hit Qi Baozhu,Boss Xu with a nervous face leaned in。He was afraid of trouble,So I kept eavesdropping at the door,Until Li Tianchou said he was leaving,Only then rushed in in a panic。
“Two bosses,Say something well。Rare to sit together,Don’t get angry。”Boss Xu’s pleats,But it looks like crying。He can’t afford to offend either,Forced by Wang Fan to arrange peace talks,Some things that are unclear,If this is really something wrong,He can’t eat。