Aunt Wang heard what Wang Youcai said,Then he laughed:“thats right,How can the women here compare with the women in the city。I seem to be suspicious,You are so good to their family,I thought you and Yao Chunni were getting better”

“how can that be possible?Auntie Wang!I want to go into town,Speak whatever you need”Wang Youcai changed the topic as he spoke,This is talking on the side of the road,It’s not a good thing if someone else hears it。
Aunt Wang,Could not help but smile:“Then trouble you,Bring me a pound of tea!I’ll give you money when you bring it back”
“Ok!”Wang Youcai responded,He pulled the car door and jumped up。As soon as the car starts,Soon it was submerged in the night。Wang Youcai couldn’t help being funny,This Aunt Wang is indeed the wife of the village head。Since he has a big appetite,Then feed her first.。
The night road in the mountains is not easy to walk,When Wang Youcai arrived at the expressway where he and Tian Wa had agreed,,It’s already ten thirty at night。He found a hidden place and hid the car first,Then I turned on the phone and waited for Tian Wa to call。
The phone just turned on,The phone came in,It was Tianwa who called。Tian Wa said on the phone:“Wang Ge!Both cars are full。Have you been there yet,We will be there soon”
“I waited here long ago,Twenty meters in front of the poplar tree。There is a wasteland here,Let them drive the car over”Wang Youcai finished coldly,Hung up。
About ten minutes,Two big trailers slowly drove over,As soon as the car stopped,Tian Wa and a middle-aged man jumped out of the car。
Although there are no street lights in this place,But here is close to Decun City,So even at night,It’s still very bright here。Tian Wa walks ahead,Followed by a middle-aged man carrying a bag。This person is probably in his forties,Wait until approached,Wang Youcai greeted him。
“Yo!Master Liu,You can make a lot of money this time。I thought that at most one car and half cargo,I didn’t expect to be so full”Wang Youcai said,Greeted。
The middle-aged man and Wang Youcai shook hands,Then throw the bag in his hand to the ground and say:“There are 500,000 in total here,You count,If it’s correct,We still have to hurry?”
“Master Liu!These five hundred thousand are talking about two flat cars,But look at your two cars now,The ore on it is much higher than the car。So you have to add another 200,000,Otherwise, let go of the ore and leave”Wang Youcai was talking,Then his face changed。
Middle-aged man,Can’t help but say angrily:“Boss Wang!You are sitting on the floor,Without you doing business“
“Stop talking nonsense,Add money to this ore, you take it away,I watched you on the highway,I’m sorry if I don’t add money。Tian Wa called Boss Li,Let him send a car,I bought this mine for him”Wang Youcai said deliberately。
Tian Baby followed Wang Youcai’s more and more clever,He answered,Took out the phone immediately,The pretender flipped the phone number。The middle-aged man glared at Wang Youcai and said:“you are vicious!But except for this 500,000,There is still 100,000 cash in the car,No more points”
“If you bring the card, I’ll take it to the city!”Tian Wa said with a serious face。