system notification:“Blackwind Mountain King‘Kill’FP.XiaoZ,FP.Songzi‘Kill’Black Wind Mountain Monkey。”

After Zhang Song wiped out an enemy behind,Finally rushed to Lu Yi。
“Master,I brought you medicine!”
“Be careful!”
Although Lu Yi reminded,But the moment Zhang Song just stretched out his hand,The neck was pierced by a bullet,Fell sideways in Lu Yi’s arms。
system notification:“Black Wind Mountain Tiger‘Kill’FP.Songzi!”
“Fucking,Why is he again!Did I fight Jingyanggang in my previous life??”Zhang Song wanted to save a teacher from a thousand miles,Courtesy,I didn’t expect to be directly by the opponent’s sniper for another second!I was so angry that I couldn’t fight!
Luckily, Lu Yi touched the medicine,He started to heal himself against the wall,waitHPSlow recovery。
About ten seconds later,Shunzi finally came from the birth point to Luyi Annex,Saw Zhang Song’s body on the ground,Needless to say,Understand everything。
“The opponent’s sniper had a grey screen with Shunzi.,I didn’t expect to arrive on the battlefield a long time earlier than Shunzi,This high-intensity running speed and fighting frequency,Should be a professional player……”Lu Yi thought。
“Password?”Shunzi asked。
See Lu nod,Shunzi is confident again。
“Front left!”