Simple and practical 12-type home aerobics

Simple and practical 12-type home aerobics

This is a set of simple and coherent movements. The 12 postures can exercise every part of the body and keep people young.

You can choose to practice on an empty stomach in the morning or two hours after dinner.

If you persist for 3 days, I believe you will fall in love with it for a lifetime!

  Move 1, put your hands together on your chest, exhale Move 2, and inhale, raise your arms above your head, bend backwards, straighten your arms and elbows, and place them near your ears.

  Move 3a, exhale.

Bend forward, keep your palms together and bend across your elbows.

  Move 3b. Move your hands to the ground and place them beside your feet.

Try to get the forehead to hit and strike straight.

If your hand does not touch the ground, bend it.

  Trick 4, keep your hands still, raise your head, and stretch your right leg backwards.

Inhale, let your right knee land, your head extended, and your left leg bent at a right angle.

  Move 5, exhale.

Stand with your hands upright, with your left foot approaching your right foot, close to the ground, with your fingers pointing straight ahead to tighten your abdominal muscles.

Beginners can bend stress.

  Move # 6, hold your breath.

Place the plasma, plasma, and chin on the ground, buttocks.

Beginners can make the retina touch the ground first, then the dark ground, and finally the chin.

  Move # 7, inhale.

Slide your body forward until your hips are flat and your belly touches the ground.

Stand upright, bend your body backwards, lift your chest up, and keep your belly and legs on the ground.

  Move # 8, with your feet on the ground and your hands and feet in a fixed position.

  Move 9 and repeat step 4.

But this time stepped forward with his right leg, placed it between his hands, and landed on his left knee.

  Move 10, exhale.

Repeat 3b and 3a.

  Move # 11, inhale.

Contraction and flexion backwards (same step 2).

  Move 12, move your palms together and return to the first step.

Exhale and complete the whole round of action.