Because in fact, he didn’t try to force Su Ran to do something straightforwardly.,But Su Ran did his best to complete it。

Xiao Fan knew that this was the last time that made her grow,That’s why she can do things better,Xiao Fan also felt that if Old Fan woke up,,Saw my granddaughter become so good,Will be very pleased。
Chapter five hundred and eighty eight Unity and friendship group of four
In the past two days, in addition to being busy between companies, everyone has to go back to the villa,Because in general the journey is relatively long,So I’m tired back and forth。
Su Ran can’t bear to see Yiming Chu Yao and the others so tired,After all, this has nothing to do with them,They just did what they thought they should do,Su Ran really felt very warm in her heart。
How fortunate to be able to make such friends,But I can’t bear to watch them run around overworked,So when I was eating one night。
Su Ran told Yiming and Chu Yao:“Yiming Brother Chu Yao,You two don’t run back and forth,It’s so exhausting,You two also have a lot of work to be busy,Shen Lin and I are here at the villa,No problem。
You just need to do your job well at the company,And now I can calm down and think about these things,Not as fragile as you think。
Really,Don’t worry about me. I can’t bear to see you so tired,Because I think that would really leave you without your own life,You are getting better now。
I really have to live my life well,See you happy and happy,I am also happy。”
Yiming and Chu Yao didn’t know what to say immediately,Then Chu Yao stood up and walked to Su Ran’s side,Hold her hand,Then say:“Stop talking stupid,We should all help each other。
Besides, we have been supporting each other after so many years.,Now you have difficulties,We should help you,These things are what we should do。
And the two of us didn’t feel very tired,It’s a lot easier than before,The two of us are really not tired。”
Su Ran couldn’t hold back when he heard the main sentence,Pounced into Chu Yao’s arms and started crying,Then choked and said:“Sorry,I’m always harassing you。
It seems that from beginning to end, I made you two go back and forth so busy for my sake,Really,I don’t know how to return you。”
Chu Yao patted Su Ran on the head and smiled:“What silly girl said,We don’t need to be like this,Brother Fan brought the four of us out,I just hope we can help each other。
Now you are in trouble, we should help you,Besides, we don’t think we have done anything great,I’m just doing my best to do these things,Do you really need to feel guilty??
How do we get along with each other like this, right?,So you don’t have to feel guilty,We just did things that can make us feel at ease。”