Chinese teachers teach carefully,Ye Xingkong learns hard,And can get started quickly,Even copy an article soon,After closing the page,Can write it silently。

Occasionally come in to visit Chen Limu who is teaching,Look at this situation,Smiled relievedly。
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In a dream,Chen Limu carefully cultivated Ye Xingkong who looks exactly like his son。
Chen Limu stood at the door of Ye Xingkong’s reading room,Watching Chinese teachers teach Ye Xingkong very hard,Ye Xingkong is also serious in learning,Chen Limu smiled contentedly。
The Chinese teacher raised his eyes and saw Chen Limu,Slowly walked over and said to Chen Limu:“Mrs,Blessed you,Starry sky can’t speak except,Never forget words and strokes,That’s a super like。”
Chen Limu humbly replied:“Thank you,Thank you!Or the teacher, you teach well。”
in the afternoon,Chen Limu invites Tian Lu to visit Mid-Levels Apartment。
After receiving the call,Tian Lu is a little excited。
Walking around in the office,Plan to ask Xuchang for an afternoon leave,But I have to say a reason for asking for leave,I don’t know why。If it is the afternoon to discuss business,What is the business?,Can’t tell。
Tian Lu thought about going,Just take a personal leave if you decide。