Between Wang Youcai and Wu Wu,There is an account,No one knows。Including his Tian Wa is also confused about this。

After Wu Wu leaves,Wang Youcai went to the small clinic。The small clinic sees slightly fewer patients than before,But compared to other clinics,There are already enough people here。
Once Wang Youcai entered,So Julan called to help。Because there are two Chinese medicines,There is a medicinal material to be crushed。Once Wang Youcai entered,So he did physical work。
He Jing is seeing the patient,Smiled:“Boss Wang!You wink,There is your job”
Wang Youcai smiled,No sound,Just immersed in the work Julan gave him。Finished the medicine,He took the money again,He is busy,While observing these patients。
After careful observation,Wang Youcai discovered,Ten patients came to see the doctor,About six to seven people came to Doctor Lu to take Chinese medicine。He Jing only sees 30-40% of these patients。sometimes,Doctor Lu will give He Jing one or two patients as appropriate。
Because some people just catch a cold,He feels that there is no need to take Chinese medicine,Just pack two packs of western medicine。This is what Dr Lu is like,So many patients come to see him。
About ten o’clock,The patients in the first round in the morning have dropped out。Doctor Lu beckoned Wang Youcai to sit next to him,He lowered his voice and said:“Didn’t I say that I will take two more medicines to strengthen it??how,Don’t want to eat anymore?”
“Damn!”Wang Youcai pats his thigh,said laughingly:“I forgot about business,Give me your number now!Grab a few more sets,I took it to the mountains to boil”
Doctor Lu sneered:“Just two,You thought it was for dinner!Grab a few more”Old man joking,Stretched out his scrawny hand。
But Wang Youcai didn’t understand,Just such a pair of hands,He could be optimistic about so many patients。Chinese medicine is really extensive and profound,Not understandable by ordinary people。
He Jing sitting on the side took a peek at Wang Youcai and smiled:“Boss Wang is so strong,Take medicine too。Isn’t it tiring at night?!”
There is something in this woman。Wang Youcai smiled and said:“Doctor He is right,Tired at night。I like to play two,This is a common problem for men”
“Play mahjong!What men’s common problem,Women have the same。Don’t you know if you heard of it,Ma Hongfang, the wife of the former director of the Grain Bureau,Because I like playing mahjong,Got together with some inconsistent men,Divorced the couple”
“But this woman doesn’t want to go back,I played mahjong with my lover for two days.,Unexpectedly, a mahjong hall,I fell down and never woke up,Burial this afternoon,What are you saying!”
An old man with sandy hair,Sighed and said。
Xia Jian was surprised,He hurriedly asked:“Old man!I’m afraid this is nonsense by others!There are too many chaotic arrangements now,Don’t believe it。
The old man glanced at Wang Youcai and said:“What nonsense,I live in the same neighborhood with this woman,This thing is true”
“Oh!That’s real”After Wang Youcai confirmed the news,,Numb,Heartbeat。
This person’s life is too fake。Ma Hongfang is an improper woman,But she is healthy,can not tell,I haven’t heard of her illness,Why did this suddenly pass away??