“Is it here to teach usITtechnology?But you can’t be a chief instructor just by computer hacking skills.?”Xu, the technician of the third combat group, fell into deep contemplation。

These feelings that Gong Hu said,Zhang Qingtan actually knows,So his reaction was not as surprised as the others.。
“He has no qualifications,Force without force,A gamer,Can actually be our chief instructor,Isn’t this a joke??”Gong Hu yelled carelessly,The soldiers all around were looking。
“Isn’t he a child of a big family??Come our iron lion gilded?But want him to be the chief instructor,Is it too exaggerated??”Smiled the brawny bald man in a tactical vest。
Zhang Qingtan hesitated,Finally spoke:“I don’t know if he is a child of a big family,But did you notice?Since last week,Many people disappeared。I heard a rumor,It is said that someone in these people’s family offended our chief instructor,So I cleared them out first。”
This remark,The soldiers around all pricked their ears,As if listening to the sky。
If the chief instructor who had never met really had so much energy,You can decide the life and death of everyone in one word,Have the power to sweep them out of the iron lion,Then the background behind this person is really terrible。
If special forces like Iron Lion,Can’t escape the clutches of those big families in secret manipulation,So is there any hope for this army??
“Hey!What are you talking nonsense behind??”at this time,From the other side of the queue,I heard some awe-inspiring voice shouting。
Everyone turned around,Is it true that the enemy does not meet together?!It was Liu Yi, the leader of the first combat team who spoke。
Chapter Seven Hundred and Three Show off
The Iron Lion troops are divided into five brigade,More than a hundred people in each brigade,And among these five teams,The most elite combination,These are the five combat teams。
And the strongest title in the entire Iron Lion army,Which is the first battle sequence team。
Who is the strongest group,Who can get the title of the first combat team。And this title,Since the formation of the Iron Lion Force,Not shaken yet。
the reason is simple,Because in the first combat group,There is a great god,Companions kindly call him Fatty,Dunge!
This is also the reason why other groups have been dissatisfied with Liu Yi,Although Liu Yi’s strength is tyrannical,Can rank in the top few of the entire Iron Lion army,But it’s not absolute first,But that chubby is almost invincible,No one has ever beaten him in a fight。
but,This fat guy obviously doesn’t like management,He was never a cadre,And unconditionally supported Liu Yi as the leader of the first combat group。
If it’s chubby,It is estimated that members of the other combat teams may not dare to refute,But facing Liu Yi,They are not so convinced。
Gong Hu grinned:“Leader Liu,You came just right!I heard that your first combat team fought with the chief instructor,Can you tell us?He is the boss of a game company,Really good?”