And Lin Kangtai, chairman of the Imperial Building,See here,Smiled slightly。

“in fact,What you said before,I’ve already seen it。”
“but,Don’t worry, everyone,I already know what to do!”
When Lin Kangtai’s words are finished,Those around,They nodded their heads in agreement。
If you really start from this aspect。
in fact,Other people can know,How to get more performance。
“This time,Because of the new project,So there will be some vacancies。”
“Especially the manager in charge,So I hope those who are still the team leader or even the supervisor,Everyone fight for it!”
Look in front of you,Lin Kangtai did not forget to encourage here。
With Lin Kangtai finished,Those around,Even more gearing up,A look eager to try。
And this time,Not so few people。
In other words,Try a little bit,Actually everyone has this opportunity。
So next,In the hearts of these people,I still feel it naturally,It should be necessary to fight for it。
slowly,Looking at these,Lin Kangtai was talking。
“This time,Best performing,If there is a promotion plan next time,Will be the first to consider each other!”